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The reason why the English freak lambs are rare

There are no surprises in the world. A lamb in England has five and a half legs by nature, with a probability of only one in a million! Such freaks are rare, so why do such strange lambs appear? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

Two weeks ago, a lamb was born on a farm in Durham, England. It has five and a half legs a day. In the UK, this is only one in a million.

The deformed sheep usually don't live long, but the little one lives tenaciously. The owner, Angie Jewitt, calls it hope and plans to keep it as a pet.

Hope's fifth leg is almost fully developed, with the other half hanging from its side. Veterinarians say hope can live happily without surgery. In one photo, hope can be seen happily stretching his fifth leg. Another photo shows Angie, the owner, nursing her. Hope is now happy and healthy.