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Is it true that Zhang Jike is in love with Jingtian? Zhang Jike's poems in sun and Jingtian's collec

Zhang Jike's open love? Zhang Jike hides "Jingtian" in his new poems! Jingtian and Zhang Jike are together? This is really too bad for CP & hellip; & hellip; if it is true, Zhang Jike and Jingtian are doing their first job as respect!

At the beginning of spring, sports stars have sent pictures and articles to celebrate the new year, while Zhang Jike, a famous table tennis player who is joked by fans as "the representative poet of hazy school", has also published new works on his personal social platform: "spring returns to the earth, and ten thousand recovers, while the buds are left to be broken.". The beautiful scenery changes and the flowers bloom in the world. 'he also has a self portrait, which is still familiar with the' ceiling angle '. It can be said that it's a great step forward!

Recently, the scandal between Zhang Jike and Jingtian has become a hot topic, but the parties have not responded.

It's also the first time Zhang Jike has sent an article after his affair with Jingtian. The sharp eyed netizen commented: 'Jingtian is in the poem

People have said, is it not Zhang Jike who wants to announce the relationship?

Never thought that Zhang Jike would be in love with heroine Jingtian!

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