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Henan foquan Temple ticket Henan foquan Temple address

Foquan temple, everyone has heard of it! Incense is very popular and has a long history, but some people don't want to go because of the expensive tickets. So, how much is the ticket here? Next, let's get to know the foquan temple!

Where is foquan temple?

Foquan temple is located in Yaoshan foquan temple, Lushan County, Pingdingshan City, Henan Province

How much is foquan Temple ticket

On October 9, 2018 (the first day of September of the lunar calendar), the Grand Buddha of Central Plains will celebrate its 10th anniversary. The preferential admission policies are as follows:

October 6-20:

The Grand Buddha Scenic Spot in the Central Plains is free of charge (the original price is 110 yuan per person). Remember, the tickets are only free for half a month, and then they are restored.

October 8-9:

The ticket price of Yaoshan scenic spot is 10 yuan / person (the original price is 65 yuan / person);

The ticket price of Liuyang mountain scenic spot is 10 yuan / person (the original price is 50 yuan / person);

The ticket price of Fuquan in Yaoshan is 99 yuan / person (the original price is 169 yuan / person).

Introduction to foquan Temple

The reason why foquan temple is famous is that it has the highest Buddhist statue in the world. It is called Zhongyuan Buddha. The total height is 208 meters. It has been built by craftsmen for more than ten years. The Buddha statue has a kind face and a smile on the corner of the mouth. It reveals the temperament of influencing people and being compassionate.

At the gate of foquan temple, there is a big bell called Tianrui auspicious bell. It is the largest and heaviest bronze bell in the world. It has a long history and has been certified by Guinness. Its value is immeasurable.

For foquan temple, it has a long history. It was built in the Tang Dynasty, and the incense has been prosperous. Until the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, there were more believers and reached a peak. But there are always some inestimable dangers in the history, and foquan temple can not escape the disaster of destruction.

Fortunately, later the temple was repaired, and the main hall, Abbot's room, sutra Pavilion and other buildings in the temple were all restored. On the outside, it looked magnificent and dignified. After the repair, more and more believers came to worship Buddha.

At the same time, in addition to praying for God and worshiping Buddha, the temple is also a national 5A tourist attraction with beautiful natural scenery and quiet environment. Foquan temple is located in this natural scenery with quiet environment, which is even more hidden.

In foquan temple, the Great Buddha of Central Plains, with its back against the Buddha capital mountain and in front of the Buddha spring river, has a beautiful scenery. You can not only worship the largest Buddhist statue in the world, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery here. Looking at the Buddha statue from a distance, it highlights in the mountains, solemn and quiet.

After introducing this foquan temple, have you been shocked by the huge Buddha statue here? This temple is very efficacious. Every year, there are many believers here. You can come here for a visit during the free admission period.

After that, the tickets were restored. Even if we didn't come, at least we had seen such a solemn temple.