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How to deal with down production of down jacket

How to deal with down production of down jacket it's winter, and the temperature drops suddenly. The down jacket for keeping warm and warm is an essential item in winter. However, we will find that down often appears at the seams of some down jackets. So, how to deal with down jacket? Today, I will teach you some tips.

Down processing method of down jacket:

1: After cleaning the down jacket, gently tap every corner with a stick when it is dry, so that the fluffy and soft fur inside can be returned, and the phenomenon of hair will be improved.

2: When washing down clothes, you can try some neutral and pliable detergent, which can effectively reduce the generation of static electricity. Less static electricity, down jacket is not easy to hair.

3: For the phenomenon of down drilling in the light down jacket, an inner lining can be sewed to effectively prevent the down jacket from hairing. If you can't sew, you'd better give it to the clothing store.

4: If there is down accidental drilling out at the seam, please do not pull down hard, because better down jackets are made of high-quality down with large down flower. Pulling out hard will damage the down resistance of the fabric. The correct way is to grasp the down across the fabric in the opposite direction and pull the down back to the inside of the fabric.

The reasons of down jacket coming out are as follows

1: Pinhole drilling: the high-speed friction movement between the sewing needle and the fabric during sewing. When the temperature of the sewing needle is too high, the fabric at the pinhole shrinks and hardens, and the pinhole cannot be retracted, resulting in larger pinhole. If the sewing thread is too thin to fully block the pinhole, it will cause pinhole drilling( The sewing needle suitable for the fabric and lining can be used to avoid the thread overflow as far as possible.)

2: Fabric drilling: fabric density is not enough( Choose the fabric with higher density and coated fabric, and add non-woven fabric at the stitching position, because the non-woven fabric has better retractility, it can prevent the pinhole from drilling down; Thicker sewing thread can be used)

3: There are more feathers and stems in fillings.

4: Northern winter is relatively dry, easy to produce static electricity, down has a certain suction effect.