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What time does express have holiday? 2018 express off schedule

When will express leave in 2018? The express company is basically working all year round, and there will be someone on duty to receive the mail during the holiday. Only the Spring Festival holiday will be off. So this period of time or not online shopping, or the new year no one sent express is a more embarrassing thing.

2018 Spring Festival National Express holiday schedule

Yuantong: from the 29th of the 12th month to the 7th of the first month

Shentong: from the 29th of the 12th month to the 5th of the first month

Zhongtong: from December 29, no delivery service time: 10:00-16:00, start to work on the sixth day of the first month

Every day: from the 29th of the 12th lunar month to the 7th of the first lunar month

Urgent delivery at home: no receipt at the beginning of the 29th month of the 12th month; official work at the beginning of the 7th day of the first month

Shunfeng: no receipt from the 29th day of the 12th month; formal work from the 7th day of the first month

CCES: the work starts on the 8th day of the first month

Yunda: from the 29th of the 12th month to the 6th of the first month

EMS: no holiday, only half a day

Federal government: the official work starts on the third day of the first month

Huitong: no receipt since December 28

The holiday time of the major express companies is different. Please refer to the telephone consultation for the specific holiday notice of the express companies.

Telephone number of major express companies

Yuantong: 95554

Zhongtong: 95311

Shentong: 400-889-5543

SF: 95338

Yunda: 95546


Baishi: 400-956-5656

Daily: 400-188-8888

Home Express: 400-678-900

Fast: 400-833-3666

Yushi: 400-111-1119

Speed: 400-158-9888

Full peak: 400-100-0001

Guotong: 400-111-1123

Debang: 95353

Express delivery will slow down before the Spring Festival

Express industry insiders said that although domestic express companies are known as "all year round", but from the past years, because most of the couriers go home for the Spring Festival, plus the collection and delivery business will indeed reduce, so most companies will implement the "Spring Festival operation mode" during the Spring Festival, the operation will be kept at a low level, and the links of pick-up, transfer and delivery are also more than usual Slowed down, but not stopped entirely.

Industry insiders said that even if the operation of express companies returns to normal after the festival, it doesn't mean that all express mail will be smooth immediately. "According to previous years' experience, some industries have a long Spring Festival holiday, in addition, there are restrictions on transportation resources before and after the Spring Festival, so the time limit of express delivery after the festival will still have an impact, generally it will be normal after the 15th day of the first month. '