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Super bacteria eat the lungs. It's scary. It's all caused by overuse of antibiotics

Lung disease has not always attracted people's attention like cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. However, once the lung disease evolves, it must not be underestimated. Recently, a girl's lung was eaten by super bacteria. What's the matter?

Recently, a news event about a super bacterium eating the lung was revealed on the Internet. Although it's the flu season, the virulence of MRSA is still amazing! Let's learn about it!

I thought it was just a little cold, but I didn't expect it was infected with 'super bacteria', which almost killed her. The 20-year-old Xiaowen (pseudonym) never thought that such an encounter would happen to him. On January 29, she just transferred from the ICU of Xiasha Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in Zhejiang Province to the general ward.

Before that, she spent 21 days in ICU. I think it's just a common cold that makes the young flower girl dying. Xiaowen is a student of Xiasha University. In early January, near the final exam, in order to review for the exam, Xiaowen stayed up late for several days in a row. People were tired. In addition, in the flu season, the ordinary healthy Xiaowen also got a "middle-term" exam. She suffered from aches and weakness, and also suffered from fever.

At that time, Xiaowen thought that he was just a common 'little cold'. As long as he drank more water and had a rest, he would soon get better. So she lay in the dormitory for two days. Instead of improving, she became more and more severe. She coughed for several days and her temperature reached 40 ℃.

On January 9, Xiaowen came to Xiasha Hospital of Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine for treatment. Because of the high fever, CT examination showed that there was small piece of inflammation in the lung, which means that there was obvious infection in the lung. The doctor who received the treatment immediately arranged her for hospitalization. Unexpectedly, within half a day after he was admitted to the hospital, Xiaowen's condition worsened rapidly, and he developed the symptoms of chest tightness and shortness of breath. Later, he was transferred to ICU for treatment immediately after consulting experts.