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Daocheng Aden accommodation strategy matters needing attention

It's said that Daocheng has a magic power to wash the soul, but, isn't it that you haven't tried it yourself? Only after I have tried, can I be qualified to say such words. Therefore, Xiaobian has prepared relevant strategies for you. Let's pack up and start.

[transportation + accommodation]

1. There are two kinds of traffic to Daocheng, one is self driving, the other is direct flight. For self driving, you can navigate by yourself. You can arrange a day's accommodation on the way and continue to set out. You can also choose to visit some scenic spots on the road. The main point is to see your personal needs. The biggest advantage of self driving is that the high / 2 response is relatively slight, because it is gradually raising the altitude, but the disadvantage is that it is too slow.

2. There are direct flights, and there are airports in Daocheng. Basically, there are direct flights in big cities. The advantage is that it is fast, but the disadvantage is that the altitude reaction will be very strong when it rises from the plain to about 4000 meters in a few hours.

3. For accommodation, Shangri La town is recommended, because it's only about 10 minutes' drive from the scenic spot to the tourist center, and the accommodation inside is cheap and expensive, so it's very convenient to buy things.

4. After going to the scenic spot, I live in Yading village. It's convenient to visit, but the price will be higher. It depends on my personal situation.


1. Be sure to get up early in the morning, because there are more people later, which may delay the tour time in the queue. After that, you have to wait in line to take a ferry bus, buy a battery ticket, and spend the whole day in line. When you go to the scenic spot at more than 6 o'clock, you can see the sunrise.

2. Before you go to the scenic area, you have to take food with you. Because you have to stay in the scenic area for a day, there is no place to eat in the scenic area. There are local people selling white hot rice near the five color sea and milk sea, which is far away. In addition, it is very necessary to replenish physical strength when walking in high altitude areas. You can bring eggs, chocolates, ham sausages and so on. 1000 ml of water is enough. You'd better take a thermos cup with some hot water, but not too much, because there are very few plateau toilets, so you won't drink too much water.

3. High altitude reaction can be brought with medicine in advance, or with oxygen cylinders, a small bottle of oxygen is about 20 or 30 yuan.

4. To pay attention to sunscreen, UV is very strong, remember to apply high multiple sunscreen, and physical sunscreen should also pay attention to.

5. Wear more clothes. Masks, gloves and hats are also necessary. Otherwise, you will feel cold. Although you will feel hot when walking up, you should not take off your clothes at will. You may catch a cold easily.

6. If you want to go to wusehai, you must use a battery car and buy a round-trip ticket between zaguanbeng and Luorong cattle farm. You can't get to wusehai on foot.

7. When you arrive at the milk sea and the five color sea, you can see the bifurcations of the signs in different directions. Many friends may not know how to go. In fact, this is a loop line. No matter how you go, you can go to another road. You don't have to go back. The road of wusehai looks short, but the road condition is bad. It's very steep and tired. The altitude of wusehai is higher than that of milk sea. When you climb the stairs, you can see the place where milk sea is lost. It's also very beautiful. Milk sea that road is longer, but will be slower, will not consume too much physical strength. Then you can go to the five color sea.