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Introduction to Bali parent child free tour

How to let children have a vacation that can relax and broaden their horizons must be the confusion of every prospective parent. So parent child travel is definitely a good choice for the best of both worlds.

Bali, located in Indonesia, is a holy land suitable for vacation and travel. It is also the city where the global climate conference is held. Every year, it will attract tourists from all over the world for sightseeing and adventure travel. The diving culture here is very developed, and there are many delicious foods. Let's share the introduction of Bali parent-child tour.

There is a complex called the trip to Bali, which has been looking forward to and longing for. It is a romantic place, a place for all lovers to yearn for. On August 18, 2017, it finally achieved its wish. Next, let's take a look at it & hellip& hellip;

Valentine's cliff, a place with the magic of lover's love, can't help but, two people hugged together, took a beautiful picture, look, the couple's clothes are not very match.

The sky is very blue, the sea is very blue, the sea and the sky are the same color, here to drink a cup of ice black tea, taste a piece of fried banana, very enjoy it & hellip& hellip;

Nanmeng Island

We are on a large cruise ship. We must arrange a romantic photo here, Jack and roes. The sea breeze is very strong. We can enjoy the sea view quietly and listen to Chinese songs from foreign countries. We have a different feeling.

Taking photos on the cruise ship is absolutely the most romantic. Your various shapes are aestheticism. Sunshine, waves, cruise ship, a feeling of opening your heart and swimming freely & hellip& hellip;

The blue sea and sky behind it give people a feeling of ineffable intoxication

Ubud Palace

There's a custom here. When you enter the palace, you have to wrap this lovely and beautiful salon cloth. Both men and women have to wear it. It's very interesting & hellip& hellip;

The devil's tears

As soon as I arrived here, I felt shocked. When the big waves turned over, I saw the rainbow in the sky. It was very comfortable to stand on the edge and sprinkle a little rain on my body.

Why is it called Devil's tears here? When it comes, you will feel it. The roaring sound reverberates here, and the sea is beating the rocks on the shore & hellip& hellip;

Pay attention to safety when taking photos. It's good to feel the whistling under such beautiful scenery.

This trip to Bali is 5 days and 4 nights. I came to a foreign country with my family and felt the local conditions and customs here. Bali is very beautiful and worth our holiday