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Can group tickets be refunded in 2018 Spring Festival? How do I charge for refund of Spring Festival

For migrant workers, do they like group tickets during the Spring Festival? It is understood that tickets can be refunded. However, it is not supported for individual refunds. Collective refunds are required.

In the past years, some friends wanted to change their exit tickets, but they were refused because of the train tickets ordered by the enterprise. According to the regulations, group tickets cannot be refunded individually, but collective refunds are required. Tickets need to be combined to get on the train, so group tickets cannot be transferred.

how to refund group tickets for the 2018 Spring Festival It's better for the unit to come out and the person in charge to go to the station directly, but the agency can't do it. The ticket must be refunded more than 48 hours before driving. Individual refunds are non refundable (group tickets are those marked with group characters, otherwise they are not group tickets). If the online payment is successful, the ticket change shall be handled at the station window before the paper ticket is exchanged Regulations on ticket refund service fee:

1. If the ticket is refunded more than 48 hours before driving, the refund fee shall be charged at 5% of the original fare.

2. In case of refund between 24 hours and 48 hours before driving, the refund fee shall be 10% of the original fare 3. If the refund is less than 24 hours before driving, the refund fee shall be charged at 20% of the original fare.

Reservation conditions for group tickets of Spring Festival 2018

In principle, the body ticket of Spring Festival migrant workers' group is applicable to enterprises with an employment scale of no less than 30 (confirmed by the local labor or social security department) and groups organized by 5 or more migrant workers themselves (hereinafter referred to as "self group"), and the number of tickets declared for the same bus date, departure station and arrival station shall not be less than 5 in each batch (after the festival, the tickets shall be handled after the declaration of the tickets before the festival).

Spring Festival 2018 can reserve round-trip tickets for migrant workers: first, hard seat tickets for extra trains will be opened before the festival at Guangzhou, Guangzhou East, Guangzhou north, Foshan, Dongguan east, Dongguan, Shantou, Shenzhen, Shenzhen west and Shenzhen east railway stations;

The second is the second-class ticket of high-speed rail from Guangzhou south and Shenzhen North railway stations; the third is the hard seat return ticket from Hunan and other regions after the festival. The ride dates are from February 1 to February 14, 2018 and from February 19 to March 5, 2018.