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How to buy a house without a job

How to buy a house without a job now most people buy houses with loans, but recently the approval of housing loans has become more and more strict, but many people will ask, can we get loans without work? How to buy a house without a job? What can be done? Let's have a look.

1、 How can I get a loan if I want to buy a house without a job?

Generally speaking, housing loans need all kinds of material proof, such as income proof, marital status proof, real estate proof and so on. Why? Because these materials are important evidence to prove that they have the ability to repay the loan, and the income proof is the most important, which directly affects the amount of housing loans, interest rates and other issues. But for most liberals, income proves a big problem.

If you don't have a job to buy a house and want a loan, the more important issue involved here is how to prove that you have the ability to repay the loan. Loan institutions usually evaluate the loan qualification of borrowers from the aspects of repayment ability and credit reference.

If there is no job, but can provide a stable bank flow and collateral, or loans. Some loan companies can also relax the conditions for borrowers who have no jobs. For example, if you can provide the repayment bank flow of mortgage loans, then you can still make loans.

2、 What are the ways to buy a house without a job?

1. Secured loan

Find a qualified guarantor with guarantee qualification and guarantee ability. What is a secured loan? In fact, the secured loan refers to the loan issued by the borrower or the third party with guarantee in accordance with the law.

Because they do not have a job, can not guarantee for themselves, to find the right guarantor is also a good choice. But this kind of need to note is that many banks do not accept guaranteed loans, so you must know in advance before the loan.

2. Physical mortgage loan

If the borrower holds bonds, negotiable securities, stocks, real estate, bills of lading or other documents proving the ownership of the goods, they can be used as collateral.

3. Shop around

Although it's difficult to get a loan because you don't have a regular job, it's not the only criterion to judge whether you can get a loan. Therefore, if the borrower has a strong repayment ability and a good personal credit record, then there are also loan institutions that will accept the application, but on this premise, you need to "shop around" and find more banks or loan institutions to inquire.

4. Third party loan

There are many kinds of such loans, and the kinds of loans available on the market are also mixed. But this needs buyers to pay attention to is, must choose formal, better qualified institutions, careful into the fraud, so Xiaobian does not advocate and support everyone to do so, even if you want to find a third-party loan, but also to find relatives and friends, relatives can be more reliable.

Fortunately, with the development of Internet finance, the difficult situation of applying for loans in the past is changing. Many commercial banks have gradually relaxed the occupational restrictions on applying for loans. You can consult more banks.