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How to clean snow boots with oil stains

How to clean snow boots with oil stains

How to clean the oil stains of snow boots? Oil stains on snow boots seem to be a problem, so how to remove them easily? Let's take a look at the tips of life talent~

How to clean the oil stains of snow boots

After the oil stains are splashed on the snow boots, if the area is relatively small, we can use clean toilet paper or clean cloth dipped in a little detergent, and then scrub the oil stains. After wiping the oil stains, dip the cloth with water, scrub the place cleaned with detergent, and then put the detergent outside to dry. Note that the detergent must be clean, otherwise it will leave a mark.

How to clean the oil stains of snow boots

If the area of oil stains on snow boots is too large, you can only wash them in water. You can use washing powder or detergent to clean them, just like when you usually brush shoes. After cleaning the snow boots in the water, wash them with washing powder or detergent in clean water, and then dry them by hand and put them outside to dry. The snow boots will wrinkle after brushing, especially after wringing by hand. We need to arrange and shape the shoes before drying them. When the shoes are going to dry, they should be shaped once, so it's OK. There are hairs on the snow boots. After the vamp is shaped, gently brush the hairs on the snow boots with a comb, and then put them outside to dry.

How to clean the oil stains of snow boots

It is to use soap or soap powder (soap detergent detergent absolutely not), in the palm of the hand to play a bubble, and then use a small make-up brush, stained with a little bit of foam brush oil stains, brush with a paper towel to remove the foam.

How to clean the oil stains of snow boots

Take care of the snow boots stained with oil with light makeup remover, and then use paper to absorb the water, do not touch with water again.

How to clean the oil stains of snow boots

There is still no good way to clean the oil stains on snow boots. I suggest you go to a professional dry cleaner so that we can clean them. We don't have to have a headache.

Snow boots to oil stains other life tips

Magic trick: soap or soap powder foam to remove oil stains.

First use soap or soap powder to make bubbles in the palm of your hand, then use the small brush made of make-up to wash the oil stains with a little bit of foam. Brush the foam over and over again, repeat it several times until the grease stains are cleaned, which is especially effective for cleaning the light colored snow boots.

Coup 2: removing oil stains with chalk powder

With a knife, evenly scrape a certain amount of white chalk, and then cover the powder on the oil stains. After a few minutes, pat off the chalk powder on the boot surface, gently rub the oil stains. For the obvious parts of the oil stains, you can wipe them repeatedly to remove them.

Trick 3: removing oil stains with prickly heat powder

Prickly heat powder is a kind of skin care powder commonly used by babies in summer (you can buy it in the supermarket). Sprinkle prickly heat powder on the oil stains and brush it repeatedly to remove the oil stains (you can dip a small amount of water to assist in wiping)

Coup 4: (detergent + vinegar + water) solution degreasing method

Use a shoe brush to dip in the solution to brush the surface of the snow boots. When the oil stains are basically cleaned, use clean water to brush the oil stains for 1 ~ 2 times, and then place the snow boots in a ventilated place to dry

Note: in the process of brushing, try not to let the shoes dip in too much cleaning fluid, let alone immerse the shoes in the cleaning fluid.

Coup 5: white gasoline + ammonia (concentration of 10%) to oil method

After the snow boots are smeared with oil, you can use a soft cloth dipped in volatile oil or alcohol to wipe them (for example, white gasoline, which has better decontamination effect. Because of its weak toxicity, it is best to use it in a ventilated state), or it can be combined with neutral detergent. Then brush with 10% ammonia water or concentrated ammonia soap, and rinse with warm water.

Coup 6: turpentine + ether to remove oil stains

First use a soft brush or rag dipped in turpentine to brush once, and then use soap to brush, clean with water. If the oil stain is still obvious, soak it in the mixture of 1:1 turpentine and ether for 10 minutes, then take it out after brushing to remove the oil stain (pay attention to the finishing of the snow boots after cleaning).