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Why don't travel frogs go home all the time? How can I get the frog home?

Why don't travel frogs come? Recently many netizens are addicted to such a game. They break their hearts for their frog son every day. So why don't travel frogs go home all the time? How can frogs go home?

Why don't travel frogs come back?

That's because traveling frogs are not the same when they go out. A frog will come back only after traveling for about 1-5 days. Of course, it will be longer. If they haven't come back in more than five days, you can try the following ways!

Reason 1: the frog is lost

If the frog hasn't come home for a long time, you have to think about whether you have bought a lamp for your little frog. If you haven't bought a lamp, you should be lost.

For the first time, you can get a title - not to go home.

I suggest you buy a lamp for your frog so that it won't get lost when it goes out, and it comes back very frequently. Every time it comes back, it will bring you a small gift.

Reason 2: Food props

We can also use food props to make our frogs come back quickly.

The food shown in the picture is a prop that can shorten the travel time of frogs. Buying a frog will soon come back.

matters needing attention:

Usually, if you buy something, you can put it on the table. The thing on the table is the back-up material of the things in the backpack. If you are too busy to take care of it, then when the frog comes back, if the frog's backpack is empty, it will automatically put the things on the table into the backpack by default and travel again. Take care not to let it go out empty bag, it may not come back!