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How to play money tree on Taobao double 11 in 2018

How to play money tree on Taobao double 11 in 2018

It's going to be the double 11 in 2018, and Taobao has launched related activities. How to play the 2018 Taobao double 11 cash cow? Let's take a look at the introduction of Taobao 2018 double 11 cash tree activity!

2018 Taobao double 11 money tree activity strategy sharing

1. For those who want to participate in the double 11 cash tree activity, the first step is to click the 'gold coin' option on Taobao's home page to get the seeds of the cash tree from the gold manor for planting.

2. After successfully collecting the seeds of the cash cow, we need to complete the daily task of making water drops, so as to collect water drops to help the cash cow grow, so that we can share the bonus at the end.

3. Users need to collect 480 drops of water before November 9, so that they can mature the money tree and receive the bonus at 14 o'clock on November 10.

The above is Xiaobian's introduction to Taobao's 2018 double 11 cash cow activity!