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Latest news of Hangzhou nanny arson case

Former title: victim's agent in Hangzhou nanny arson case: will sue relevant responsible party for civil compensation

At 23:10 on February 1, Mo Huanjing, the nanny, set fire and Lin Shengbin, the victim of the theft, walked out of Hangzhou intermediate people's court.

From 9 o'clock that day, Hangzhou intermediate court continued to hear the case of the defendant Mo Huanjing's arson and theft in public. After being charged by the procuratorate, investigated and inquired by the court, cross examined evidence, debated by the court, and finally stated by the defendant, the presiding judge declared the adjournment at 20:50. Apart from two brief adjournments, the trial lasted up to 10 hours and 35 minutes.

'too late, too tired. 'at the door of the court, Lin declined to be interviewed by the surging news.

Later, Lin Jie, an agent of Lin Shengbin and a lawyer of Beijing Deheng Law Firm, was interviewed. 'I think the trial process is more open and fair, which enables both the accuser and the defender to fully express their opinions. In addition, in court, public security field investigators, third-party experts and witnesses are invited to attend the court to provide professional support. 'he said.

In the morning of June 22, 2017, a fire broke out in room 1802, unit 1, building 2, blue Qianjiang apartment in Hangzhou. Zhu Xiaozhen and her three children were killed. Mo Huanjing, the nanny, escaped. Lin Shengbin, the male owner, was not at home at that time. On the same day, the police made it clear that the fire was arson, and Mo Huanjing was suspected of a major crime.

Lin Jie told the surging news that in the court trial on the 1st, the public prosecution and the defenders had no objection to the two charges of arson and theft. The defenders mainly hoped that the sentence would be reduced. He proposed to "abandon the incidental civil action against Mo Huanjing, and hope to sentence him to death and execute immediately".

In the afternoon trial, when hearing that one of his children had recovered his vital signs after being rescued on the way to the hospital, Lin Shengbin suddenly roared and threw the thermos cup of an agent ad litem to Mo Huanjing. After being picked up by the bailiff, he smashed it into the face of a bailiff and didn't listen to the stop, so the bailiff ordered him to take him out of the court.

'I heard something in the proof that my client didn't control his mood. After leaving the court, he watched the live trial with his family in the court, and his mood slowly recovered. 'said Lin Jie.

On December 25 last year, Lin Shengbin once again applied to Hangzhou public security and Fire Protection Bureau for information disclosure. The Municipal Public Security Fire Bureau replied on the official microblog the next day: it will reply within the legal time limit according to the regulations on the disclosure of government information. On January 16 this year, Lin Shengbin tweeted that the municipal public security and Fire Protection Bureau would extend 15 working days to reply.

"As required, the fire department will reply no later than February 6. Some of the information we have applied for publicity is already involved in the file, but we hope to get more detailed information that is not reflected in the file. "If the prosecution and the defense do not submit new evidence, the next step is to wait for the verdict," Lin said. Although we give up the incidental civil action against Mo Huanjing, we will definitely put forward the civil compensation claim to the relevant responsible parties, which has been under discussion, and the time for prosecution has not yet been determined. '