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How to add name on the property certificate after marriage

How to add name on the property certificate after marriage

Generally speaking, if you have your name on the house property certificate, then generally the house property has your share. This is because China adopts the registration system for the ownership of real estate. If the husband and wife get married, can you add the name on one party's house property certificate after marriage? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

1、 Can the name be added on the property certificate after marriage?

The house property certificate represents the ownership of the house. Many couples want to add their names on the house property certificate because the house is purchased by one party before marriage.

According to the law, the ownership of any industry can be shared by more than one person. In other words, the owner of the house is not only one, as long as the parties are willing, the owner of the house can also be several together. Therefore, the parties can add their names on the house property certificate after marriage.

2、 How to add a name on the house property certificate after marriage?

Can you add your name on the house property certificate after marriage? One is that the house is purchased by an individual before marriage; The second situation is that the house is purchased after marriage.

(1) Pre marital real estate and post marital naming

For the property purchased before marriage, it will be regarded as a transfer of the property right of the house when adding the name after marriage, and it will be treated as a gift.

Gift procedure: the house ownership certificate, gift letter and deed shall be submitted to the recipient. Only after the relevant departments deal with the formal registration procedure of house ownership change can this gift procedure have legal effect. The specific steps are as follows:

1. The donator and the donee conclude a written contract for the house donation, namely the donation letter.

2. The donee shall pay the deed tax and collect the deed certificate with the original house ownership certificate and gift certificate.

3. Deal with the notarization of gift contract.

4. Handle the house ownership transfer registration procedures. The donee shall go to the real estate management department to request the change of registration and submit the following certificates: (1) request (window supply)( 2) Original real estate ownership certificate( 3) The identity card and household register of the parties concerned( 4) Gift certificate and notarial certificate( 5) Deed tax receipt.

5. The donor gives the house to the donee. Here 'to' to deal with the property rights of the house handling registration.

6. When dealing with the house donation procedure, the donor and the donee should sign a written donation contract, and go to the housing management department to handle the transfer procedure. However, if the donor donates his own house to others in order to avoid the legal responsibility, if the good or bad person suggests the right, the donation is invalid.

(2) Real estate naming after marriage

If the house that purchases in marriage, so add lover name to be able to add directly in marriage duration. If the property belongs to the husband and wife's industry during the period of marriage, even if only one name is written on the property certificate, it can be regarded as the two people's industry.

Therefore, in the marriage period, if you need to deal with the registration procedures of real estate certificate, you only need to bring the marriage certificate, two house certificates, the original and copy of ID card to the real estate trading center's "change registration" window.

No deed tax will be added to the house property certificate after marriage. As a result, after marriage, plus the cost of points, in addition to the deed tax can be.

What the final demand suggests is that during the period when the commercial housing sales contract is on file and the bank pawn mortgage, if you want to add or reduce the name, the practice is to add or reduce the parties to the contract, and the practice is to change the subject of the contract, which must be approved by the original parties. Therefore, after the sales contract is put on file, before the certificate of property rights is issued, or before the mortgage loan is paid off, unless the other party agrees, the name can not be changed.

After the above answers, we all know that after marriage, a couple can add one's name to the house property certificate, only if the other agrees. After the name is added, the property is regarded as the property shared by both parties. In this case, if the husband and wife divorce, they need to split the property.