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What's the date of Valentine's day in 2018? Valentine's Day creative gift list

this year's Valentine's Day is a bit awkward. It's near the end of the year. I believe many young people have already embarked on the journey home, so the atmosphere is not so strong. Chinese people can celebrate any festival as "Valentine's Day", but compared with other festivals, the atmosphere of Valentine's Day is more intense. What gift do you plan to give to your girlfriend on Valentine's day?

Roses and chocolate

It's an essential thing for Valentine's day. It's a necessary artifact for romance! Or, in particular, it's planted in a flowerpot instead of a packaged one. If you think about it, a bunch of roses bought by others can last for more than a month at most. The potted ones are different. As long as you take good care of them, the growth cycle will be very long. Of course, some people think that sending flowers and chocolates is very old-fashioned, and the price is not cheap. It's easy to eat chocolates. You can send something real, which can be often used in life, such as scarves, Gloves, cups, watches, bracelets, necklaces, couple rings. In this way, when she saw these things, she thought of you.

Handwritten letter

Many times, lovers are stingy to say their love. A lot of words, not unwilling to say, but embarrassed to say it face to face, so it's better to write your heart full of feelings into the letter!

A doll

Girls all like plush dolls, such as teddy bear, Hello Kitty, rabbit, Jingdang cat, etc., which are given to their girlfriend. They can hold and play with their girlfriend. When they are angry, they can blow at them. When they are unhappy, they can accompany her. For girls, it's a more thoughtful and romantic gift! Dolls are more suitable for girls with dreams. She will be happy to send her favorite dolls! But for some girls, it's not suitable. It depends on you not understanding her.

Lovers articles

Including couple cup, couple outfit, couple watch, couple ring, engraved couple necklace, bracelet, pendant, etc. Girls still like these jewelry. Every gift has its meaning. Different people have different meanings. And lovers use the same thing, super warm and romantic! However, packaging is still very important. It's best to send gifts with carefully written super touching love letter + flowers.

Exquisite ornaments

Such as crystal piano, customized album, music pillow, music box and so on.

Love certificate

In fact, girls are very emotional. If you send a special certificate for love, it will definitely move her. Of course, the above words must come from your heart.

Self made couple album

You can make an album of the photos you took in the process from acquaintance to love. It's OK to make them in electronic or developed form. It's better to make them meaningful and touching. I'm sure she will understand your intention. And the album can last a lifetime.

Bag clothes

Recently, I heard a saying that gifts can't be cheap or too expensive. If you want to buy something, you are reluctant to buy it. If you want to send practical points and make her happy, you can send some bags, clothes, high-heeled shoes, watches and so on. It's better if she wants to buy them and is reluctant to buy them. Girls love to dress up and send them to her. I hope she dresses more beautiful and beautiful.

Hand woven scarves

If you have enough leisure time and patience, you can knit a scarf for him. Valentine's Day is a february holiday, and the weather is still cold. If you can wrap a scarf around it, how warm it is! What's more, it's made by your girlfriend. It's definitely the first-class warmth! Don't worry about the unskilled skills of female workers. After all, every stitch contains your feelings, which is the most precious!

Wrist Watch

Generally, boys have a natural love for watches. They choose a watch that fits their temperament. If it's a sports watch, they can choose a sports watch. If it's a mature watch, they can choose an atmospheric & hellip; & hellip; so that they can wear it on their wrists and think of you every minute.


In fact, the boy also pays attention to the image, so giving a razor will definitely make him have a very intimate and practical feeling.