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Details of the implementation of the new regulations on enterprise annuity every year, a lot of new regulations and systems will be put into effect. Recently, the enterprise annuity measures have been officially put into effect, which is closely related to many people's lives. So you know what is enterprise annuity and what benefits it will bring? The editor will give you a detailed explanation.

What is enterprise annuity?

When it comes to enterprise annuity, many people are confused. The so-called enterprise annuity refers to the supplementary endowment insurance system independently established by the enterprise and its employees through collective negotiation on the basis of participating in the basic endowment insurance.

In short, enterprise annuity is a kind of supplementary endowment insurance. If you take part in both basic endowment insurance and enterprise annuity, you can get two pensions after retirement.

It should be noted that enterprise annuity is not a new thing, but an old system that has been implemented for more than ten years. The "enterprise annuity measures" issued this time is the revision and improvement of the "enterprise annuity Trial Measures" in 2004.

Who can attend?

According to the data of the Ministry of human resources and social security, by the end of 2016, 76000 enterprises had established enterprise annuity nationwide, with 23.25 million employees, and the accumulated amount of enterprise annuity fund was 1.1 trillion yuan.

Compared with endowment insurance, the prevalence of enterprise annuity is not high. Zhang Yinghua, executive researcher of the world social security research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told China news. Com that is mainly because the enterprise annuity is voluntary, and many enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, do not have the motivation and ability to participate.

The new regulations issued this time clearly put forward that the State encourages enterprises to establish enterprise annuity. Nie Mingjun, director of the endowment insurance Department of the Ministry of human resources and social security, said that the measures for enterprise annuity weakened the voluntary nature of enterprise annuity and encouraged enterprises meeting the requirements to establish enterprise annuity. The enterprise annuity method is not only applicable to all kinds of urban enterprises, but also to other employers and their employees who participate in the basic endowment insurance for enterprise employees.

What are the benefits of attending?

For employees, it is conducive to improving the level of their income after retirement. Nie Mingjun pointed out that if the employees participate in the enterprise annuity and pay to the individual account of the enterprise annuity together with the enterprise, through long-term accumulation and investment and operation, the effective value-added of the individual account fund of the enterprise annuity can be realized, which is beneficial to increase one piece of income and improve the living standard on the basis of receiving the basic pension after retirement.

For enterprises, the Ministry of human resources and social security said that the establishment of enterprise annuity is conducive to improving the employee compensation system, showing a good corporate culture, enhancing talent attraction and stabilizing the workforce.

Where does the money come from?

Who pays the enterprise annuity? According to the enterprise annuity measures, the expenses required for the enterprise annuity shall be jointly paid by the enterprise and the employees themselves. The enterprise's payment shall not exceed 8% of the total wages of its employees every year. The total payment of enterprises and employees shall not exceed 12% of the total wages of the employees of the enterprise. The specific required expenses shall be determined through consultation between the enterprise and the employees. The individual payment of employees shall be withheld and paid by the enterprise from the individual wages of employees.

Zhang Yinghua calculated an account for the reporter: take 6000 yuan as an example for a person's payment salary. If his enterprise has established an enterprise annuity, the unit pays 8% per month, that is 480 yuan, and the employee pays 4% per month, that is 240 yuan, which is 720 yuan in total; if the payment salary is 10000 yuan, the total payment is 1200 yuan. These payments can be deducted from the taxable income of enterprises and individuals, that is to say, they are tax-free.

The Ministry of human resources and social security also said that the enterprise annuity can enjoy the preferential tax policies of the state. For the part of payment in line with the provisions of the state, the enterprise payment can be deducted before tax, and the individual payment can be deducted from the taxable income of the current period.

How is the money managed?

According to the regulations, the enterprise payment shall be included in the individual account of the employee's enterprise annuity according to the proportion and method determined in the enterprise annuity plan, and the individual payment of the employee shall be included in the individual account of the employee's enterprise annuity.

According to the Ministry of human resources and social security, the enterprise annuity is fully accumulated, and an individual account of the enterprise annuity is established for each employee participating in the enterprise annuity. Under the individual account of employee enterprise annuity, there are enterprise payment sub account and individual payment sub account, which respectively record the part of enterprise payment allocated to individuals and their investment income, as well as their payment and investment income. The enterprise annuity fund shall be invested and operated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, and the investment and operation income shall be incorporated into the enterprise annuity fund.

In addition, according to the different positions, responsibilities and contributions of employees, enterprises can have certain differences in the distribution of enterprise payment, reflecting the incentive role of enterprise annuity; at the same time, we should also take into account the fairness and control gap, and the maximum amount of enterprise payment included in the individual account of employee enterprise annuity in the current period shall not exceed 5 times of the average amount.

When can I get it?

Under what circumstances can employees receive enterprise annuity treatment? According to the measures for enterprise annuity, employees can receive enterprise annuity when they reach the retirement age specified by the state, completely lose their ability to work and settle down abroad; after the death of employees or retirees, their individual account balance of enterprise annuity can be inherited.

Among them, it is a new content that the employees can receive the enterprise annuity when they are completely disabled, which is conducive to further reflect the security role of the enterprise annuity and appropriately improve the life of the employees who are completely disabled.

What are the collection methods?

Pension is received by month, so how to get enterprise annuity? This revision has improved the way of receiving treatment. There are four ways to choose.

According to the regulations, when the employee reaches the retirement age stipulated by the state or completely loses the ability to work, he / she can receive the enterprise annuity from his / her enterprise annuity personal account by month, times or once, or buy all or part of his / her enterprise annuity personal account funds to buy commercial endowment insurance products, receive benefits according to the insurance contract and enjoy the corresponding inheritance rights.

What about changing jobs?

Some people ask, changed a job, how should enterprise annuity deal with? In this regard, the enterprise annuity measures stipulates that when the employees change the work unit, if the new employment unit has established the enterprise annuity or occupational annuity, the individual account rights and interests of the original enterprise annuity shall be transferred into the enterprise annuity or occupational annuity of the new employment unit together.

If no enterprise annuity or occupational annuity has been established in the new employment unit of employees, or during the period of enrollment, military participation or unemployment of employees, the individual account of the original enterprise annuity may be temporarily managed by the original management organization, or by the retention account set up in the collective plan initiated by the legal person trustee organization.