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What's a good drink to drink in winter 6 kinds of drinks make your body warm in winter

What's a good drink to drink in winter 6 kinds of drinks make your body warm in winter

If you have a hot drink in winter, do you feel warm all over the body? Let the warm drink break the cold in winter. So, what kind of drink is good in winter? In winter, those fragrant, sweet and cool drinks in summer can no longer be drunk. We have to find delicious and warm drinks suitable for winter.

What's a good drink to drink in winter

1. Ginger and jujube tea

Ginger jujube tea is a hot drink recommended for health preservation in winter. It is very suitable for friends who are cold and afraid of cold due to deficiency of spleen and stomach. Every day will be the right amount of ginger, jujube slices cooked, put temperature, and then add some honey, drink a cup, can effectively dispel cold Runzao, resist the severe winter. Ginger tea tastes very heavy, but it is most suitable for winter drinking, because it can treat influenza, typhoid.

Note: Although the taste is unique, not everyone likes to drink, but the anti cold effect is remarkable, so I still choose to recommend it to you. It is necessary to drink a cup of ginger tea for your health and winter.

2. Hot cocoa

In winter, the climate is dry, the temperature drops, the metabolism of human body slows down, and the skin is easy to become dry and rough. A cup of hot chocolate every day can not only make the skin smooth and glossy, but also promote blood circulation. Although the fat content of chocolate is high, the cocoa butter it contains is a kind of unsaturated fatty acid. A large number of experiments show that cocoa butter will not increase the content of cholesterol in the blood, nor will it increase the body's blood lipid and cause obesity. Holding a cup of steamy hot chocolate in your hand will not only warm your body, but also make you feel sweet.

3. Kumquat fruit tea

Winter is the season to eat oranges, and also the season to drink orange tea. Kumquat fruit tea is the favorite of female friends, it has strong cold resistance, beauty effect, and easy to digest. The material of fruit tea can be added and prepared according to personal preference.

Practice: in addition to kumquat, orange, apple and other fruits can be added to kumquat fruit tea. If you like to drink tea, you can also add an appropriate amount of Pu'er. It is recommended to boil the tea with water for drinking, which is more delicious and healthy. Pour the boiled tea into the glass, and spoon in honey for seasoning. If you want to save trouble, you can prepare a glass teapot with a base, which can be directly brewed and drunk with boiling water. In the cold winter, you can light the candle on the base to keep warm and enjoy it slowly.

4. Hot red wine

It's a classic drink in Europe. It's a must-have drink for Christmas in France. Some people say it's a traditional drink in winter in Germany. Cinnamon, clove and other spices are added to the red wine. After heating, the mellow and fruity aroma of the wine make it the most popular drink at the party.

Method: peel off the lemon yellow skin, do not take white peel, otherwise the taste will be bitter, and then cut a little lemon pulp for standby. Pour a bottle of red wine into the skillet. Put star anise, cinnamon, clove, sugar and lemon peel into a red wine pot, cook for about 20 minutes over low heat (do not boil during this period), and then filter all seasonings. If you like fruits with strong flavor, you can put in 2-3 pieces of oranges or your favorite fruits and cook them over low heat for about 5 minutes. If you like sweet, add a little honey and stir well.

Note: the whole process of hot red wine, to maintain the minimum firepower, do not boil the red wine boiling. Heating of course is to make red wine steaming, but must not be heated to boiling, because that will lead to alcohol volatilization, there is no wine. If time does not come, there is a tendency to boil, you can first off the fire, every 3-5 minutes, and then heating, in short, can not let it boil. Also, red wine should be ordinary and cheap. Who has nothing to buy an expensive red wine to do this, and there is no difference in taste.

5. Tremella tea

Tremella tea can nourish the lung, for the treatment of cough and phlegm, the effect is very good. In winter, when the weather is dry, it's easy for the lungs to get sick. In addition, this recipe can also accelerate the blood circulation in the body, which has a good cosmetic effect.

Method: after cleaning tremella, stew it with rock sugar; Brew the tea with boiling water for five minutes and then remove the dregs; Pour tea into tremella soup, stir well and take it directly.

6. Milk black tea

Black tea is the best tea to drink in winter. Black tea is mild, mellow and rich in protein and sugar. Drinking it in winter can benefit the body, store Yang Qi, generate heat and warm the abdomen, so as to enhance the body's resistance to the cold climate in winter. With milk, the nutrition is doubled and the taste is better. Moreover, black tea with milk can reduce inflammation, protect gastric mucosa, and has certain effect on treating ulcer.

Practice: 3 grams of black tea, 100 grams of milk, 2 grams of salt. Put the black tea into the pot, add water and simmer for 5 minutes. Filter out the red tea leaves and cook the milk in another pot. Boil the milk, add the tea juice and salt.