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When does the 2018 spring festival start and end date the Spring Festival is coming, and people pay close attention to the Spring Festival festival every year. In this day of family reunion, no matter how far apart they are, they can't block people's mood of family reunion. Understanding the information of the Spring Festival festival festival can make early plans for their journey, so do you know when the Spring Festival in 2018 will start and end? Let's have a look with Sihai Xiaobian.

What day is the Spring Festival in 2018

The Spring Festival of 2018 is Friday, February 16 (the first day of the first month of the 5th adult year (the year of the dog)).

When will spring festival 2018 start

Start time of Spring Festival 2018: February 1, 2018

End time of Spring Festival 2018: March 12, 2018

What is the starting and ending time of Spring Festival 2018

Start and end time of 2018 Spring Festival: from February 1 to March 12, i.e. the first 15 days and 25 days after the Spring Festival, a total of 40 days.

This period is the Spring Festival stage, and it is also the most popular day to buy train, bus and air tickets. The so-called "one ticket is hard to get" appears in this stage.

The Spring Festival (first day of the Lunar New Year) in 2018 is February 1. According to the calculation of 60 days of online pre-sale tickets of train tickets, the earliest time to purchase train tickets for the Spring Festival through Internet and telephone is December 29, 2017 (Friday).