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Can you do manicure during pregnancy? Does pregnant do manicure have influence to foetus

can pregnancy be used for manicure? Many girls always like to arm themselves all over the body, especially for nails. Every one or two months, they always like to change a kind of Manicure pattern. Many expectant mothers also love beauty very much. Can pregnant women do manicure during pregnancy? What is the impact of manicure on the fetus?

Case: my daughter has been married several years ago, and I have been looking forward to having a grandson. I didn't expect that every time she was pregnant, she had an unexplained abortion. I took her to the hospital for examination and found that it was all caused by manicure. My daughter liked to buy Nail Polish in the street since she was in 14th Five-Year. Later she often went to the roadside stalls to make "carvings" manicure. Doctors believe that this is the cause of abortion.

Frequent manicures are harmful to health

Professional doctors say that phthalate ester is commonly found in nail polish, which may lead to fetal malformation and abortion. This colorless and tasteless oily liquid can enter the human body through the skin, respiratory tract and digestive tract, and is stored in the adipose tissue, which is not easy to be discharged. If the residual concentration in human body is high, it will harm the liver, kidney, cardiovascular and reproductive system, and affect the endocrine function of human body. Long term use of pregnant women can cause fetal genital malformation.

When manicure, remove the small skin and file the nail, and file the skin near the white part of the nail and covering the nail, or even remove it, which will cause damage to the nail itself. There is a layer of enamel like material on the surface of the nail, which can protect the nail and become a barrier. After the surface is filed thin, the protective effect is weakened, and bacteria, fungi and microorganisms are easy to infect the human body. In addition, frequent manicures will darken and gray the nail color, which will eventually lead to red, swollen and pus around the nail. If the infection is serious, it will fester rapidly and form paronychia.

It's a girl's nature to love beauty. It's OK to be a manicurist. But you must go to a regular shop and use regular products. You must have a long mind for a roadside cheap manicurist. Don't love beauty for being cheap, but it will harm your health.