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What about the shrinkage of double faced coat? How to clean and maintain the double faced coat?

Double faced woolen coat is a kind of style that young girls especially like now. It's very fashionable in autumn and winter. Besides, it's thin, and the effect of keeping warm is not bad at all. But if the double-sided overcoat is not properly maintained, it will shrink easily. What about the shrinkage of the double-sided overcoat?

How to deal with the shrinking of the double faced overcoat? Steam iron heating, 1.5-2CM away from the double faced overcoat for low-temperature ironing, you can first check the maximum ironing temperature indicated on the washing mark inside the double faced overcoat to avoid the overcoat from being damaged due to high temperature.

Will the double faced coat shrink

Double faced cloth overcoats will shrink, so generally speaking, it is not recommended to wash them with water, and try to dry clean them as much as possible. In addition, when cleaning, pay attention to the methods, which can effectively reduce the shrinkage.

What to do if the double faced coat shrinks after washing

(1) steam press to restore the double faced overcoat

1. Steam iron heating, 1.5-2CM away from the double-sided overcoat for low-temperature ironing, you can first check the maximum ironing temperature indicated on the washing mark inside the double-sided overcoat to avoid the overcoat from being damaged due to high temperature.

2. When ironing, pull the double faced cloth coat while it's hot to lengthen its fiber. Due to the limited heating area of the steam iron, in order to ensure the uniform stretching of the fiber, the double faced overcoat is heated and stretched locally, in sections and in sections.

Note: you can't stretch a lot at a time. You need to heat repeatedly to stretch evenly. In addition, the total length of stretching should be known in mind. Never stretch too much. And the operation should be carried out on the ironing table. At home, a blanket can be spread on the table top. After all, it is better to be heated, shaped and cooled by the portrait machine.

(2) steamer + steamer ironing

1. Wrap the double faced woolen coat with clean white cloth, pay attention not to compact it, and try to keep it fluffy;

2. Steam the wrapped double faced overcoat in the cage for 15-20 minutes;

3. After coming out, take the heat shaking pull to restore the original state;

4. After cooling, it can be ironed with a iron at low temperature (80-100 ℃).

(3) send to the dry cleaner

The shrinkage of double faced woolen coat is mainly related to the material itself and the washing method. The fiber structure of woolen clothes is looser than that of other fabrics, so it is easy to change. Light change can be ironed and stretched to recover, while heavy change can be difficult to recover. It is recommended to send it to the dry cleaner for professional treatment.

How to choose a double faced coat

1: first of all, it depends on the fabric of clothing. As we all know, good fabrics and poor fabrics look different in grade at a glance. High end fabrics are soft and comfortable, and the touch is delicate and smooth, while low-end fabrics are rough and stiff, and they feel prickly. This requires the buyer to carefully touch and distinguish.

2: style. Generally, the style is better to buy classic ones, some are too fashionable, the general public can't drive, others or strange clothes, only find someone to match it can wear its unique style, the general public still don't try it, otherwise it's not what they want to look weird, we need to know whether the model's wearing is good, suitable for themselves What's the most beautiful. In addition, you can't buy a double velour coat that fits too well. Some people say that I bought a double-sided fur coat, just like it was customized for me. It's a good fit! It's not my attack. It's better to buy a loose double-sided fur coat, which is sewn by hand. The sewing edge of the machine at the inner end is mostly about 3mm. A coat that fits too well will be stretched out soon and can't be modified. It costs thousands of yuan to buy a double-sided fur coat If you wear it several times, it will break. Don't you feel hurt? So when you buy it, it's more loose and durable!

3: workmanship. The double-sided fluffy coat is sewed by hand. Each garment is sewed by different people. The handwork made by each person is different, good and bad. Moreover, due to the high and low processing costs, the quality of the handwork is also uneven. Generally, people who buy it seldom pay attention to hand sewing. Most of them are good-looking in color, like the style, and feel satisfied when they wear it properly. The quality of a garment can only be judged by the quality of hand-made clothes. A good hand work is no less than 3 stitches per centimeter, with fine and dense stitches. Each seam is straight and does not arch. But almost hand-made, one centimeter and two stitches, one centimeter and one.5 stitches. Pull the two sides of the seam hard, and even there are small holes. Some of the seams are not smooth, and the middle is arched like an earthworm. There are many kinds of double-sided fluffy coats in the market, and the quality is uneven. If you want to buy a good double-sided fluffy coat, look at its workmanship.

How to store a double faced coat

1. Pay attention to moth prevention

The double faced overcoat after wearing should be completely cleaned, dried and then put away. Double faced cloth is made of protein, which is poorly managed and easily eroded by moths. If it is put in the cabinet, it is recommended to put some desiccant. Pay attention to mothproofing during storage, and do not allow mothproofing agent to contact with double-sided cloth directly.

2. Store

Double faced coat should be hung with hanger to avoid deformation.

3. Ventilation and preservation

Do not mix with other products in the same bag, store in a dark, ventilated and dry place, or regularly take out the double faced cloth coat for ventilation.