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What's the latest news of Hangzhou nanny arson

220 days after the arson of Hangzhou nanny, new progress has been made. Today, the case of Hangzhou nanny arson officially opens. It will be severely punished by law. Will Mo Huanjing be sentenced to death?

On the evening of January 28, Lin Shengbin, a family member of the victim of the Hangzhou nanny arson case, announced on his microblog that he had received a notice from the Hangzhou intermediate people's court that the case would be reopened on February 1, 2018.

According to the inquiry of AI financial service, the specific hearing time is 9:00 a.m. on February 1, 2018, and the venue is the second court of Hangzhou intermediate people's court. The pre court meeting of the case was concluded in Hangzhou intermediate people's Court on January 26.

On December 22, 2017, when the first trial of Hangzhou nanny arson case was held, the suspect of arson in the case, Dang Linshan, the defense lawyer at that time of Mo Huanjing, nanny of Lin Shengbin's family, withdrew from the court due to the objection of jurisdiction, which led to the interruption of the trial. Hangzhou intermediate court reported on the same day that the court regarded Dang Linshan's move as a waiver of defense. On January 9, Mo Huanjing told the court that he was willing to accept two legal aid lawyers appointed by Hangzhou legal aid center.

On January 29, Mo zhenkang, Mo Huanjing's younger brother, told reporters that Dang Linshan was still Mo Huanjing's lawyer and didn't fire him. They had a good relationship and trusted Dang Linshan very much. If you have any questions to ask Dang Linshan, it's not convenient for him to answer.

Mo zhenkang said that he had never visited her sister and did not know how she was doing. Later, the reporter asked if Mo zhenkang would attend the court session, and Mo replied "no" decisively and simply, and said that other relatives would not appear in court. After that, AI financial service contacted lawyer Dang Linshan, who responded that it was "inconvenient to be interviewed" and was not sure whether to appear in court.

On the same day, lawyer Lin Jie, Lin Shengbin, the family member of the victim, revealed to the reporter that at present, new preparations have been made for the court session on February 1, and new evidence will be presented, but it will be announced after the court session. 'my only pressure is to go all out to do a good job in the court session, to make clear what should be said and to disclose the facts that should be disclosed. There is no other unit or main body to put pressure on me. '

For other parties with joint and several liabilities, Lin Jie said: 'the case is complex, and the problems to be solved in criminal cases and civil cases are different. On February 1, the court session was held to solve the problem of Mo Huanjing's criminal responsibility. '

At about 5 a.m. on June 22, 2017, a arson occurred in room 1802, unit 1, building 2, blue Qianjiang community, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, resulting in the death of a mother and three minor children. After the incident, Mo Huanjing, the housekeeper of the family, the arsonist, was arrested according to law.

Under each of Lin's microblogs, thousands of angry netizens called for a reprimand of Mo Huanjing. Hu Zeming, partner of Zhejiang Jingheng law firm, believes that Mo Huanjing's arson has resulted in the death of four people, which should belong to the crime of 'extremely serious damage' arson. In addition to Mo Huanjing's bad deeds, the court should sentence him to death. 'Lin Shengbin asked Mo Huanjing, the nanny, to be sentenced to death. In general, I think it will be adopted and supported by the court. "Hu told reporters.