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Will it be cold after spring? What's the weather like after spring?

when is the spring of 2018? Spring is the first of the 24 solar terms, indicating the arrival of spring. Spring is coming soon. Is there a little excitement in my heart? The long winter is finally about to pass. We all want to know whether the weather is still cold after the beginning of spring? Is it going to be warm soon? In fact, the weather is still very cold for a period of time after the beginning of spring, so there is a saying that spring covers autumn frost. How long will the air be warm after the beginning of spring?

Is it still cold after spring

Spring Festival is one of the important traditional festivals of the Han nationality. "Li" means "start". Since the Qin Dynasty, the beginning of the season of mengchun has been in China. Spring is divided by astronomy. After the beginning of spring, the temperature picked up, and spring ploughing season began in most parts of the country. In the spring solar term, the westerly jet in the South Branch of East Asia has begun to weaken, and the winter climate is coming to an end. However, the intensity and location of the westerly jet in the North Branch have not changed. The Mongolia cold high and Aleutian low are still relatively strong, and the gale cooling is still the main prevailing weather. However, in the interval of strong cold air, the frequency of southerly wind increases, accompanied by an obvious temperature rise process. So it's normal that it's still cold after spring.

It's still cold for more than a month after the beginning of spring. Keep warm and keep warm. The biggest feature of the climate during the spring solar term is that it is warm and cold at first

How long will it be cold after spring

The biggest feature of the climate during the spring solar term is that it is warm and cold: first, the temperature difference between day and night is large; second, the activity of cold air is frequent. In spring, due to the invasion of cold air, the temperature is obviously reduced. It is usually sunny in the daytime, which makes people feel "intoxicated by warm wind". Sooner or later, it is chilly, which makes people feel "chilly and chilly". It's the beginning of spring, but the temperature won't rise so fast, and the old saying is that we should not take off our winter clothes prematurely and replace them with bright spring clothes, especially for the elderly and children, we should pay more attention to keeping warm. Meteorology means that if the daily average temperature for five consecutive days is higher than 5 & deg; C, the winter will be over. According to the 24 solar terms, winter ends around the time of "Jingzhe". It's about the beginning of March and the end of winter.

In terms of the radiation intensity of the sun to the earth, the winter solstice is the smallest and the summer solstice is the largest. If the whole year is divided into four equal parts, the three months from the beginning of winter to the beginning of spring are the smallest, the three months from the beginning of spring to the beginning of summer are the middle, the three months from the beginning of summer to the beginning of autumn are the largest, and the three months from the beginning of autumn to the beginning of winter are the middle. However, the actual temperature lags behind the solar radiation for more than one month. So if there are three months of winter, there will be more than one month after the beginning of spring which belongs to winter in climate.