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How to query the results of postgraduate entrance examination by forgetting the examination permit n

In these two days, the results of postgraduate entrance examination are coming out one after another. For some schools or provinces, the results must be inquired through the examination permit. But the graduate enrollment network has not provided the admission certificate download. If there is no admission certificate, what should I do if I forget the number of the admission certificate? Let's take a look with the small editor of

Method 1

Go to the website of your application site, such as the recruitment and Examination Office of * * * * City, to see if there is any service for providing the examination site query. Log in according to the application number, and you can see the examination permit number.

Method two

Go to the website of the postgraduate Office of the unit where the examination is located to check the candidate list.

For example, you can search 'candidates list of 2018 XX university postgraduate entrance examination' in the search engine or go to the website of Graduate Office of the unit where the examination is located to find the list in the attachment of the notice issued a few days before the postgraduate entrance examination.

Method three

Infer one's own examination permit number through others' examination permit number.

Take the examination Permit No. 105423431405609 and 105423431705611 as examples. These two friends are organic chemistry majors of Hunan Normal University who have applied for the examination, and they are in different places. By comparing the two examination permit numbers, we can find that the examination permit numbers are composed of:

10542 (Registration college, here is Hunan Normal University) 3 (unknown) 4317 (test location code, here is Xiangtan No.1 Middle School) 056 (Registration major, also related to the school) 11 (unknown, estimated to be the registration sequence of this major).

Therefore, you can find your own admission number by finding friends who are connected with your major and school (you must have it, entrance examination forum, entrance examination group, people before and after the examination room) and reasoning through their admission number. The last two can use the exhaustive method to check the score of entrance examination on the website.

Method four

Call the admission office of the college to check the scores or the admission office of the unit where the examination point is located to check the examination permit number.

Score query

1. Online query (free)

Candidates can log in to the website of research and recruitment or the official website of each university for inquiry.

2. Notes for score query

(1) generally speaking, no written report card will be sent to all universities for postgraduate entrance examination. The printed report card shall prevail.

(2) a score of - 1 means absent from the exam and - 2 means violation of discipline.

(3) candidates who have doubts about the results of the preliminary examination can apply for reexamination. Please pay attention to the online notice at any time for the specific time and requirements.