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Wake up early and do five things well to wake up the body and the spirit of the day

getting up in the morning to do these five things well is better than taking a bunch of tonics. It can make you smart and refreshing!

Do 5 things in the morning, which will make you wise and clear, better than taking a bunch of tonics!

1. Get up in the morning and stay in bed

Morning is the time of Yang generation. When people wake up in the morning, if there is any discomfort or joint pain in the viscera, it will appear. Therefore, even if you wake up in the morning, do not get up immediately, which can avoid causing discomfort to the heart, joints and other parts.

Modern medical research has found that during sleep, all systems of the human body are in a semi dormant state. After waking up, the recovery of the functions of all systems needs a process. So, don't wake up right after you wake up, lie in bed for a while, and then sit up slowly.

2. Wake up in the morning

After a night's rest, there will be sticky sputum in the mouth in the morning. General people in the morning should first go to defecate, rinse and brush teeth.

Secondly, opening windows for ventilation is also very important. In the morning, the sun rises but the fog doesn't disperse. Many people immediately open their windows to breathe. At this time, wind evil is the most easy to enter. The best way is to get up first, put on clothes to keep warm, wash your mouth and drink water, and then slowly open the window.

3. Get up in the morning to express your chest

Thymus gland is the most developed in childhood, so children are lively and active, but it declines year by year after the age of 30, and basically shrinks by the age of 60, so the elderly are reluctant to move.

If you get up every morning to express your chest, you can activate the atrophic thymus, so that the elderly can return to their old age. The specific method is: use the big thenar of both hands to push down along the front chest, and have a certain strength when passing through Tanzhong point. Run two hands alternately for 200 times.

Long term adherence to this method can keep you refreshed.

4. Knead your ears in the morning

Get up in the morning, do the small action of pinching the ears, which helps to wake up.

In sitting position, press the middle three fingers of the two hands -- index finger, middle finger and ring finger tightly with the palms of both hands, and tap the occipital bone for more than ten times. Then, press the ear hole and the occipital bone with the palms of the hands for a few seconds, and then suddenly lift them away. After a while, press the ears and the occipital bone as before. When you hit, you can hear the drums. Repeated for many times, it can clear the mind, enhance memory, and have the effect of relaxing blood vessels and reducing blood pressure for patients with hypertension.

5. Start the legs in the morning

Wake up and move your legs. You'll be more energetic in the morning.

The specific method is to first push and rub the belly of the left leg from the corner of the right foot to the heel, and then repeat the action with the left foot to the belly of the right leg. Repeat 9 times each. Then use the outside of the right foot, from the knee to the outside of the left leg. Then repeat with your left foot to the outside of your right leg. Repeat 9 times each. In fact, when massaging the calves, the ankles are exerting their strength. When pressing the foot to Zusanli, there is a kind of tingling feeling. The foot is massaged down, unconsciously even the soles and the soles of the feet are massaged.

Regular massage of Zusanli and the soles and soles of feet can promote the blood circulation of lower limbs and feet, which has a positive effect on the prevention of lower extremity vascular diseases.

The key is to stick to it for a long time~~