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How to deal with the lost purchase invoice

How to deal with the lost purchase invoice

Buying a house is a thing that most families will experience. Now the house price is getting higher and higher. Some people may only buy a house once in their life. In the process of buying a house, they will encounter some thorny problems. They need to sign a house purchase contract, and there will be some important tickets. So what should we do if the purchase invoice is lost? Is the purchase invoice important?

1、 How to do if the invoice of house purchase is lost

1. If you lose the down payment invoice, you don't have to worry too much, because you will receive the full payment invoice after the house is delivered. With the full payment invoice, you can go through the procedures of house property certificate, settlement and withdrawal of provident fund, which will not cause too much impact.

2. If the lost invoice is full payment, you need to ask the invoice issuing party to provide proof. The buyer can go to the developer with ID card, house purchase contract and other materials. The developer will issue the stub of the invoice and stamp it, and then the tax authority will review and verify it.

2、 Is the purchase invoice important

Purchase invoice is very important, buyers in many procedures have to show the purchase invoice. In addition, if you want to sell the house in the future, the purchase invoice is also essential information. Purchase invoice is required when handling the following procedures:

1. Withdrawal of provident fund

If the buyer wants to withdraw the provident fund to repay the mortgage, he needs to provide the full payment invoice to prove that the house has been fully paid and the house has been owned by the buyer himself. Without the purchase invoice, he can not prove this relationship and can not normally withdraw the provident fund to repay the mortgage.

2. Settle down

After buying a house, considering the future life, buyers will basically move their registered permanent residence to the place where the house is located, but they also need to provide the purchase contract and purchase invoice when settling down. Purchase invoice is very important, but some developers in order to evade tax and do not give buyers invoice. If the developer delays in issuing the purchase invoice, the buyer can claim it from them.

3. Apply for house property certificate

If there is no purchase invoice, the process of property certificate will be more complicated. Because the materials needed for the house property right certificate include the house purchase contract, the applicant's ID card, the house registration application form, the full purchase invoice and other relevant documents to prove that the house has completed the capital delivery, and the house property right can be registered under the name of the buyer. If the buyer can not provide, it means that the house has not paid all the relevant taxes and fees, it can not handle the property certificate.

4. For sale

For many home buyers, housing sales is a very common situation. In the process of selling a house, if the house has been sold for five years and is the only house of the family, it can be exempted from individual income tax. However, if the conditions are not met, it is necessary to bear 1% of the total transaction amount or 20% of the price difference as individual income tax. In the calculation of housing price difference, we need to use the seller's original purchase invoice. If we lose the purchase invoice, we can't provide the original purchase price certificate, so it will be more troublesome to sell the house.