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When is the due date for Xie Na to give birth?

Xie Na has been at home since she was pregnant. Recently, there was news that Xie Na was pregnant with twins. When is Xie Na's due date? Xie Na and Zhang Jie got married because of happy man. On the seventh day of 2011, they officially announced their wedding news. On September 26, Xie Na and Zhang Jie held their wedding in Shangri La, Yunnan Province.

In the past six years of marriage, most netizens have been worrying about Xie Na's stomach. As a female artist with high exposure, Xie Na is bound to be pregnant if she leaves the public view for a period of time; as long as she goes to the hospital, she will be suspected of being pregnant; more importantly, she is said to be pregnant n times because she is photographed with a raised abdomen. After repeated denials, the couple finally received good news, and chose the special anniversary of September 26 to share the good news with you.

Recently, a netizen with knowledge posted on the Internet said that she and related insiders had heard something about it. At the end of January or early February, Xie Na would officially become a mother.

On the 29th, the person familiar with the matter broke the news again, and this time it was more detailed and specific, that is, Shana's due date had been set on February 5, and she was pregnant with twins, and both children were daughters.

Today, however, some netizens said that Xie Na Zhang Jie's baby companion gift was exposed. It's a very cute cookie with cartoon head. Careful Netizens found that one of the cookies is very similar to a handmade photo that Xie Na posted on her microblog earlier. There is a letter J on her chest, which should be the abbreviation of Zhang Jie. Moreover, each pair of cookies is a girl and a boy. Some netizens guessed Xie Jie Na is pregnant with a dragon and a Phoenix.