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Which is more cost-effective to buy a house with full payment or mortgage? There are so many risks h

Which is more cost-effective to buy a house with full payment or mortgage? There are so many risks hidden in buying a house with full payment buying a house is the goal of many people, but buying a house is also a huge expense. Nowadays, there are no more than two ways to pay for a house: full payment and mortgage loan. Full vs. mortgage, how to pay more cost-effective? Then we need to make clear the pros and cons between full payment and loan to buy a house, and then choose a suitable way after careful consideration.

Advantages of buying a house in full

1. The procedure is convenient and fast

It is convenient and fast to buy a house with full payment, because full payment is free of the loan process. In the current situation of bank loans, the convenience of full payment is more prominent.

2. No debt, no money

The obvious advantage of buying a house with full payment is that they don't have to bear all the debts and there is no pressure of regular repayment, so buyers can calmly dispose of the funds on hand. Compared with the loan to buy a house, full payment can save a lot of interest.

3. Easy to buy and sell

Full purchase of the house, disposal is more convenient, whether it is mortgage loans or resale are very convenient, will not be restricted by the loan.

Disadvantages of full payment

1. Pressure

Full purchase pressure, for those who have a weak economic foundation, will become a big burden. If not abundant funds, the investment in one-time house purchase is too large, which may affect the quality of life of house buyers.

2. Variable

Buying a house with full payment is a big variable. For most of the real estate whose source of sales is the future house, the buyer's choice of one-time payment will increase the risk of buying a house. Choose a one-time payment, the property will require buyers to pay in the pre-sale stage, and sign the "commercial housing sales contract.". However, in the transaction process, many pre-sale properties have the problem of incomplete five certificates. Although the sales staff promise to complete the procedures within a certain period of time, for the buyers, it is full of unknown variables, and the big problem is the difficulty of filing.

3. High risk

The risk of buying a house with full payment is high. If the house is purchased in the future, the developer fails to deliver the house on time, or the project cannot be delivered for use due to lack of funds, or even the project is "unfinished", then the buyer who has paid the full payment may lose more interest, or even the whole house will be wasted.

Advantages of mortgage

1. Lack of funds can realize the dream of buying a house

Even if the funds are insufficient, they can buy a house. If they choose to buy a house by mortgage, they can quickly own their own house without having to work hard to save enough money.

2. Allocate funds for investment

Mortgage loans to buy a house one-time funds to pay less, so that buyers can allocate funds for other investments. As long as the rate of return on investment is higher than the interest rate of loans, it is obviously more cost-effective to buy a house with loans than the full amount. Now there are many baby financing or private funds that are higher than the interest rate of bank loans, or even twice.

3. Property value guaranteed

Mortgage loan is more secure to buy a house. The bank will make an evaluation of the house purchased by the borrower when granting the loan. The value of the house generally recognized by the bank is also relatively guaranteed.

Disadvantages of mortgage

1. Be in debt

When it comes to the disadvantages of buying a house by mortgage, first of all, there is a lot of psychological pressure. Because the traditional habit of Chinese people is not to live beyond their means, they are very economical, so it is not suitable for conservative people to buy a house by loan. And in fact, it's not easy for anyone to have a heavy debt on the house buyers.

2. It's not easy to cash in quickly

Because the mortgage to buy a house is based on the mortgage of the real estate itself, it is very difficult for the house to be sold again, which is not conducive to the delisting of the house buyers.

3. The process is cumbersome

The process of mortgage purchase is complicated, which is mainly reflected in a series of processes, such as application for loan, submission of information, Bank review, loan after approval, etc.