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What's the reason for imitating Zhang Jiayi? Why is walking so hot?

Recently, when you turn on the tremolo, you can see the one who imitates Zhang Jiayi's walking. Zhang Jiayi's walking step by step has become a landmark action. Do you know why? Why is Zhang Jiayi so hot?

What's the hindrance of imitating Zhang Jiayi's walk? People think that teasing and teasing are actually pain points that others don't want to mention. Let's learn more about it.

What's the reason for imitating Zhang Jiayi

Recently, when you turn on the tremolo, you can see people who imitate Zhang Jiayi's walk every three or five minutes, all over the country. In fact, I didn't know until I learned that he walked like this because of his body. We shouldn't take other people's pain as a joke. When we see one I report, that's all.

People think that the teasing and teasing are actually pain points that others are unwilling to mention. When we are funny, we should respect others and never touch the bottom line of others.

The reasons for Zhang Jiayi's hunchback

Zhang Jiayi, born in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province on April 8, 1970, is a Chinese film and television actor. Graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 1991. Growing up in Xi'an, Zhang Jiayi once played in Shaanxi song and dance theater. In 1987, Zhang Jiayi graduated from high school. He once practiced wrestling in a sports school. After that, he was admitted to Shanghai Theatre Academy and Beijing Film Academy. Finally, he chose the performance Department of Beijing Film Academy. In 1991, Zhang Jiayi graduated from university and was assigned back to his hometown to enter Xi'an Film Studio.

After graduating from Beijing Film Academy, Zhang Jiayi wanted to stay in Beijing. She had a chance to stay in the Beijing Theatre Group, but at the last moment she was replaced by someone else. Zhang Jiayi, who was so strong, went directly back to Xi'an, obeyed the school's distribution, and went to the West film studio. She stayed for nine years.

Because he wanted to be strong, Zhang Jiayi never used a double. He played martial arts in person. It was a common thing to fall down and hit. As a result, he fell ill with ankylosing spondylitis. Although not life-threatening, but the pain is really not ordinary people can imagine. Many people at work will have similar experience. Backache and leg pain are not fatal pain, but they are enough to affect the mood of the day. Zhang Jiayi, however, insists on filming under such torture.

Every morning, he has to get up an hour earlier than others. He uses hot water to wash his spine. Only when the hot air blows away can he feel more comfortable. This is also the reason why Zhang Jiayi can't walk straight and hunchback. It was once said that in November, Zhang Jiayi was bullied by Zhang Jiayi. Whether it was "emergency department doctor" or "hunting ground" or "my! PE teacher", Zhang Jiayi used his strength to deduce what is the "strength group".

Suffering from physical pain and adhering to the original goal, Zhang Jiayi has always been very serious on the way of actors.