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How to choose second-hand housing to buy second-hand housing matters needing attention

How to choose second-hand housing to buy second-hand housing matters needing attention

Second hand houses are generally existing houses. If you buy second-hand houses, you will save the time of waiting for future houses. Therefore, many people tend to buy second-hand houses, but how to choose second-hand houses? What should be the focus of on-the-spot inspection? Today, I will tell you the following aspects that can not be ignored.

1、 Inspection of housing property rights

When buying a second-hand house, buyers must make sure whether there are co owners in the house, because according to the relevant laws and regulations of our country, there can be multiple co owners in the property right of the house, and if they want to dispose of the house, they must obtain the consent of all property owners, and the sales contract signed without the consent of other co owners is generally invalid.

2、 Verify the homeowner's identity

Before deciding to buy a second-hand house, buyers must not forget to verify the owner's identity, the authenticity of the house property certificate, and the consistency between the house property certificate and the owner's identity, especially in the case of self transaction between the buyer and the seller, so as to prevent illegal persons from counterfeiting the owner's identity card and the house property certificate for fraud.

3、 Check the water pipe

It is also very important to check the interior of the second-hand house. If you want to know whether the water pipe has leaked, you can see whether there is scale around the water pipe, whether the water is yellowing, and whether the drainage system is normal. There are two situations in a house without hot water: one is that the house has been uninhabited for a long time, and the other is that the house may have been sold for a long time.

4、 Check the ground

If the floor tile is used to pave the floor, it needs to be knocked with a small hammer. If there is an empty sound, it means that the floor tile is not solid. If you are using the floor, then walk back and forth a few circles, pay attention to the corner and around, see if there is any loose place. Also need to pay special attention to the balcony, the floor near the toilet, to see if there is cracking due to the sun or because of damp mildew phenomenon.

5、 Check the ceiling (roof)

After looking at the ground, buyers have to look at the ceiling whether there are water stains, or uneven paint phenomenon. If there is, it indicates that there may be water leakage. If possible, you can take a screwdriver, remove the lamps, put on a flashlight, and see if there are paint peeling and water leakage at the four corners of the room in the ceiling.

6、 Check the distribution line

Because the second-hand houses have been decorated, the lines have been equipped, so the buyers should turn on all the lights when they look at the house to see if the lights are on. If conditions permit, it is best to use a multimeter to check whether the socket has power, use a telephone to check whether the telephone line has a signal, and also check the signal reception of the TV antenna. If the buyer is still not at ease, you can ask the seller the line of the house, in order to facilitate future maintenance.

7、 Pattern of inspection units

The best way to buy a house is to see the empty house, because the empty house is not covered by furniture, household appliances and other things, so you can clearly see the pattern of the whole house. The ideal pattern is high utilization, high privacy and strong functionality. If the bedroom door directly faces the living room, the privacy is poor. A house with a good layout should effectively distinguish various functions.

8、 The surrounding environment should not be ignored

The surrounding area of the second-hand house has been basically finalized and is not easy to change. Therefore, we must know the surrounding conditions in time, such as whether there are garbage stations, high-voltage power towers and other public facilities that affect life.

9、 Check the property management level and charging standard

House buyers should learn about the charging methods of water, electricity, coal and heating from the relevant personnel when they visit the house on the spot; Observe the brand, speed and management of elevator, and observe the cleanliness and layout of public corridor; How about the greening work of the community and what services the property management company provides; Property management fee collection standards and other information.

In short, buying a house is a major event, which is related to the quality of life of the whole family. When choosing a second-hand house, you can integrate the above nine aspects and choose from your own purchasing power and actual needs. If you have the ability to choose, it's better to buy a new house. What do you think?