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What are the films released on the first day of the new year 2018? The Spring Festival movie is very

What are the films released on the first day of 2018? Which one do you want to support most? In more than half a month, the Spring Festival of 2018 is coming. As the "land of war" of the Spring Festival, the major films and film and television companies have already tried to seize the opportunity. As of today, the cat's eye Professional Edition shows that the pre-sale box office of the first day of the new year (February 16) has reached nearly 90 million yuan.

1. Journey to the west, the country of daughters, the third part of Zheng Baorui's journey to the West series, from a poor review of the first "havoc in the heavenly palace" to a medium-sized review of "three strikes against the white bone spirit", the quality of this series has indeed improved. This time, the four teachers and apprentices in the second part return, Zhao Liying plays the king of the country of daughters, and whether the most special magic blockbuster in China can make people see the Chinese Blockbuster again What about hope?

2. The story of catching demons 2. With the story suitable for all ages, the first part of the story of catching demons has made amazing box office achievements. This time, the main actors are all back. It also attracts the actors such as Liang Chaowei, Li Yuchun, Liu Yan and Dapeng to join in. I don't know if I can create the first miracle.

3, the Red Sea action, the Mekong action and the wolf 2 prove that the domestic military blockbusters are still very attractive to the domestic audience. The director of the Mekong River action director Lin Chaoxian once again directed military themes, from small conflicts to military operations, and the scene became even more popular, hoping that the story could also be strengthened.

4. Chinatown detective 2. It's rare for domestic films to attract people by the story itself, but the inferential films are relatively scarce. The first Chinese inferential film "Chinatown detective" has made a good start, and the double reed play of Wang Baoqiang and Liu Haoran is full of surprises. This time, the background moved from Thailand to the United States, and the story of detective struggle in various countries is full of gimmicks.

5. In the 19th generation of ancestors, Deyun club has undoubtedly enjoyed making films. In the past two years, it has made a lot of comedic variety films. Guo Degang has personally worked as a director. A large number of stars including Wu Jing, Wu Xiubo, Jing Biran, Lin Zhiling, Wang Baoqiang, Dapeng, Wu Junru and Li Chen have joined in the guest show. It must be a hot and noisy New Year's comedy, but its quality is good Well, we have to be careful.

6. The metamorphosis of bear haunting. Every year, a big bear haunting movie has become a routine. I wonder if we can play something new this year to make children feel special.