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Introduction of Alipay sesame credit score

Alipay sesame credit points how to loan? Alipay sesame credit sub loan process is introduced, the following is the relevant information compiled by Xiaobian for your reference.

Alipay mobile client Alipay wallet has added a small micro loan entrance to its new version recently, supporting sellers to apply for loans at the mobile phone end. It is reported that the "micro loan" currently supports four types of loan including order loans, loan plus (3 months), loan to follow (6 months), and equivalent principal (12 months).

According to the interest rate situation of Taobao loan PC end, among the above four loan types, the daily interest rate of order loan is 0.05%, and the maximum service life of a single loan is 60 days. The daily interest rate of loan with return (3 months) is 6 / 10000, and the maximum service life of a single transaction is 3 months. The daily interest rate of loan with repayment (6 months) is 0.06% and the maximum single service life is 6 months. The daily interest rate of equal principal (12 months) is 0.05% and the maximum single service life is 12 months.

In addition, Alipay has also made clear rules for repayment rules. The order loan repayment rules are: after the buyer confirms the order, the system will repay automatically; With the repayment of loans (3 months), it stipulates that the interest in the 1-2 period is only payable on a monthly basis, and the third period is the return of principal and interest, and the Alipay balance is automatically repaid. It is also stipulated in the 6 months, that the interest in the 1-5 period is only payable on a monthly basis, sixth times the principal and interest is paid, and the Alipay balance is automatically repaid. At the same time, the three loan repayment rules all indicate that the payment is free in advance. And the repayment rule of the equivalent principal (12 months) is slightly different. It stipulates that the interest of each 1/12 should be returned to each month and the interest generated from the loan amount of the month. The repayment date will be automatically repaid from Alipay on the day of the repayment, and the commission charge will be collected in advance for the first 9 installments.

For the sellers who need to meet the requirements of the Taobao order loan, Alipay has also given the corresponding restrictions: first, the shop registrant is 18 years old and has a complete civil capacity Taobao seller. Secondly, Taobao stores have been operating effectively for the past 2 months, and have effective trading volume every month. Finally, they are honest and trustworthy, and the store credit records are good.

How to apply for Alipay loan?

The detailed steps for Alipay loan application are as follows:

Step one: use mobile phone Alipay and log in, click more.

Step 2: in more cases, you can see small and micro loans, click to enter.

The first click will be downloaded, and in a while, the small program that Alipay should embed should be completed.

Step 3: see my loan below there are items that meet the account number loan, as shown in the figure below. This account number can loan the same amount of principal (12 months), and others do not meet the application conditions. Click loan equal principal (12 months) to enter.

Step 4: in the detailed introduction of loan equal principal (12 months), you can see the daily interest rate, repayment period and repayment rules. Among them, the repayment rules should be carefully studied, which is related to your interests. If you understand it, click apply for a loan.

The fifth step: lenders information is used when Alipay authentication information, if prompted need to improve Click to improve it.

Step 6: input the amount of your application and the information verification code, and finally click submit application.

If you can apply, you can usually get loans.

About Alipay loan needs what conditions and Alipay loan how to apply for the introduction here, I hope to help everyone! Friends who need loans, let's do it now!