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Should soldiers give up their seats on the train? Defense Department's aggressive response

Recently, a group of cadets just graduated from the Military Academy were complained by passengers who didn't buy tickets on the high-speed railway. Why didn't they give up their seats? Then the cadets stood up and gave up their seats. Then there was a controversy. Should soldiers give up their seats on trains or even in public?

During the period, 'why don't soldiers give up their seats?', 'do you think soldiers will give up their seats as they do in TV dramas? There are not so many good people!' and so on.

The incident immediately attracted the attention of netizens:

On the train, there is no concept of "giving up seat".

Please don't disgrace our people in front of the soldiers!

The original text is as follows:

Recently, some netizens experienced such a scene on the high-speed railway. A group of cadets just graduated from the military school boarded the train to the distribution area, almost occupying the whole carriage. Some passengers who didn't buy tickets complained, muttering about why the soldiers didn't give up their seats, and the passengers were beside them. "Do you think the soldiers will give up their seats like the ones in the TV series? There are not so many good people!" Five minutes later, the train began to run smoothly, only to hear the saying from the crowd: 'we all stand up and give seats to people who have no seats. 'should soldiers give up their seats according to the law and morality? There is no explanation. This is our soldiers!

They do their best to help the masses,

Even with life!

In the earthquake, in the fire, in the flood

At the critical moment when death comes many times,

They always save the people from the ghost gate!

They learned by the time they were 18

Growth is made of sweat

Strong life needs to be fought

They even know,

What is sacrifice.

They are always more mature than their peers,

Because they experienced the heat and pain of youth early.

On January 25, Wu Qian, a spokesman for the Ministry of national defense, responded to the 'soldiers were asked to give up their seats on the train' at the regular meeting of the Ministry of national defense in January.

Reporter: I noticed a report about "the dissatisfaction of the people without seats caused by the military cadets' taking the train". Maybe the train tickets were not easy to buy during the Spring Festival, and then the cadets gave them seats. Do you think this seat should be allowed? How to balance the interests of soldiers and local people? How to really improve the status and sense of honor of soldiers?

Wu Qian: I noticed the report and the following comments. Here I would like to say two words:

First, serving the people wholeheartedly is the purpose of the people's army.

Second, the legitimate rights and interests of soldiers must be protected.