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Can bulk liquor be brought to the train? What are the contraband of the 2018 Spring Festival train?

Chinese New Year is coming soon. For the children who work outside, they always want to bring some bottles of good white wine for their father to taste when they go home. Can bulk white wine be brought to the train? Is liquor a contraband? Follow Xiaobian to find out what are the contraband of the train?

According to a statement issued by the relevant personnel of the railway department, passengers on the train can't carry bulk liquor on board, and they can only carry sealed bottles of liquor, and the maximum quantity is one box of six bottles, but if the degree of liquor is higher than 50 degrees, passengers can only carry two bottles on board. Of course, if the passenger can carry more than a quantity of white wine by consignment.

It is stipulated in the train regulations that 'no more than 100ml of alcohol' is vague for alcohol, because we know that white wine, red wine, beer, etc. are not pure alcohol, so it can also be said that there is no clear regulation in the train regulations that no alcohol can be carried.

1. The railway only has restrictions on alcohol, and there is no restrictions on bulk liquor. It can be carried without restriction, but it can't exceed 10 kg.

2. No more than 100ml of alcohol, normally only two bottles can be taken, each bottle is 500ml. Beer is not limited. The quantity of red wine and yellow rice wine is also controlled loosely. Generally, white wine can carry 2kg.

3. Bulk liquor is not allowed to be carried on the train, but the sealed bottled liquor can be carried on the train, but the quantity can not exceed one box (6 bottles); if the weight of your carry on items (including liquor) cannot exceed the weight specified by the railway (20kg for adults, 10kg for children, 35kg for diplomats), if the weight exceeds the limit, the freight shall be charged for the excess part, and if the quantity of liquor carried on the train exceeds the limit, the freight can be charged By consignment.

4. The liquor should be packed and used for its own use. The bulk liquor in plastic kettles or beverage bottles is easy to crush and burn. The police at the security inspection office will confiscate and dispose of the inflammable and explosive materials.

Common sense of carrying other items:

Passengers should understand that some dangerous goods, such as gasoline, knives, alcohol, banana water, etc., can not be carried by car, such as kitchen knives, scissors and other knives can be transported by consignment.

Passengers can carry a limited number of cigarettes on the train. Generally speaking, the maximum number of domestic cigarettes is 10, and that of imported cigarettes is 5.

In addition, for the convenience of passengers' journey, the limited items that passengers can carry are 5 gas lighters, 20 small safety boxes, 20 milliliters of nail polish and hair dye, 100 milliliters of alcohol and cold wadding, and 600 milliliters of Moss, hair spray, insecticide and air fresheners.