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How to deal with the unexpected delivery of pregnant women

Pregnant women should not go out when they are about to give birth, or what should they do in case of sudden delivery? These first aid knowledge should be understood~

Emergency measures for accidental delivery

1. Let the parturient lie on the clean bedding and take chest shallow breath to reduce the pain.

2. When the head and shoulders of the fetus are exposed, gently hold them with both hands to make them give birth slowly.

3. The fetus must cry when it lands on the ground. If it does not cry, it should be sucked out because there is amniotic fluid in its mouth.

4. When the umbilical cord does not pulsate, it should be ligated with sterilized wire a few centimeters from the baby's abdomen. It's better to wait for the doctor to cut off the umbilical cord. If the doctor can't come, you can use a scraper or scissors to sterilize the umbilical cord with alcohol or fire.

5. If the baby does not breathe, mouth to mouth artificial respiration shall be performed.

Precautions for delivery

1. Aseptic operation shall be carried out in case of sudden delivery. In order to prevent neonatal tetanus, it is still necessary to get a doctor to inject tetanus antitoxin immediately.

2. When ligating the umbilical cord, apply the sterilized wire to the root of the umbilical cord close to the baby's navel, tie it in a circle, make two dead buckles, and then make a circle to kill the knot. But also in the vicinity of the mother's side of the first ligation line more than an inch, and then a line ligation, make a good clasp. Cut the umbilical cord in the middle of the two ligation knots and wrap the umbilical cord with a disinfectant cloth.

3. The placenta is usually delivered within 15-30 minutes. If it is not delivered for a long time, attention should be paid.