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No house property certificate can loan? No house property certificate loan method

No house property certificate can loan? No house property certificate loan method

As we all know, if you want to make a loan, the most important thing is to mortgage the house property certificate. However, if there is no real estate certificate, how to make a loan? What are the procedures for the loan? Now let's take a look.

Can I borrow money without house property certificate

In the rapid development of credit business today, no real estate certificate is also able to loan. In addition to real estate mortgage loans, housing re mortgage loans and other types of loans related to the ownership of real estate certificate.

1. If the borrower does not have the real estate certificate for the time being, for example, he or she is still in the housing mortgage period, but can not get the real estate certificate, he or she can apply for the loan by providing the pre-sale contract and mortgage loan repayment materials to the bank.

2. If the borrower really does not have the real estate certificate in hand, but can provide such as cars, bills, bonds and other collateral, it can also apply to the bank for loans.

3. If the borrower has neither the house property certificate nor the pledge mentioned above, when he can find the guarantor with the house property, the borrower can also obtain the bank loan in the form of the third party mortgage loan.

4. In addition, for those who don't have a real estate certificate and don't satisfy the above situation, if they have a stable job and income, they can also obtain funds through usury.

From the above, it can be seen that no house property certificate is impossible to make loans through the bank. If you want to make loans through the bank, house property certificate is essential.

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