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What are the advantages and disadvantages of eating nuts

Nuts are a very good snack, which has won the praise of many of our female friends. Nuts are also rich in many nutrients that can be absorbed by our body, which can effectively help us improve our immunity and resistance, and help us greatly reduce the neurasthenia symptoms of the elderly. What are the advantages and disadvantages of nuts, Let's get to know about it!


Benefits: walnut is the king of antioxidation. Walnut contains arginine, oleic acid, antioxidants and so on, which is of great benefit to protect cardiovascular system, prevent coronary heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's disease and so on. Some people like to peel off the brown thin skin of walnut kernel, which will lose part of nutrition, so don't peel off this layer of skin.

Disadvantages: Walnut no side effects and harm, but do not eat too much at a time, otherwise it will affect digestion.

Sunflower seeds

Benefits: every day to eat a sunflower seed, you can meet the body's daily need for vitamin E. Sunflower seeds contain protein comparable to meat, especially arginine. Eating sunflower seeds often can prevent coronary heart disease, stroke, reduce blood pressure and protect vascular elasticity. Medical experts believe that sunflower seed can cure insomnia, enhance memory, and play a certain role in preventing cancer, hypertension and neurasthenia.

Disadvantages: basically not, if it is dry fried, eating too much at a time, easy to get angry.


Benefits: contains monounsaturated fatty acids, can reduce cholesterol content, reduce the incidence of heart disease. Eating 10 pistachios is equivalent to eating 1.5g monounsaturated fatty acids, but pistachios stored for too long should not be eaten again.

Disadvantages: pistachios are high in calories, people with high blood lipids should eat less.

Eating more nuts has more advantages than disadvantages for us, but eating more nuts may cause us indigestion. We can eat more hawthorn. Hawthorn has a very good effect on promoting digestion and can reduce the side effects of eating hard nuts.