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Does Shentong express go to work during the new year? Schedule of 2018 holiday notice of Shentong ex

With the Spring Festival coming in 2018, many people will choose to buy new year's products online. When will Shentong express go to work during the Spring Festival? Let's learn about it with small editors of!

2018 holiday arrangement of Shentong express

Shentong starts work on the fifth day of the first month

From February 14 to February 20


Tel: 95543

Although express companies have stressed that 'Spring Festival is not a holiday'. However, no holiday doesn't mean 'as usual'. The closer to the Spring Festival, the slower the express delivery will become, and the real recovery will take some time after the festival. In addition, when the Spring Festival is over, the express brother has to go home for the Spring Festival. As Yuantong said, 'in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, more than 98% of the couriers are non local employees. They return home once a year during the Spring Festival. I think it's human nature. '


SF express: 95338

Shentong express: 95543

Yuantong Express: 95554

China Express: 95311

Yunda express: 95546

Daily Express: 400-188-8888

Huitong express: 400-956-5656

Express: 400-158-9888

Debang Logistics: 95353

Home Express: 400-678-9000

China Railway Express: 95572

UPS (high specific speed): 400-820-8388

FedEx: 800-463-3339