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What does 2018 tmall double ten mean

What does the pre-sale deposit inflation of tmall double 11 in 2018 mean the 2018 tmall double 11 global good products are being pre sold, and the deposit can be reduced by up to 400 yuan. The deposit of some commodities can also make the deposit inflate. Do you know what the pre-sale deposit inflation of 2018 tmall double 11 means? Is deposit inflation an increase in amount? Let's have a look.

The so-called "deposit inflation" means that consumers pay the deposit in advance during the pre-sale, which can be used several times of their own amount, and then pay the remaining balance on November 11. Although this activity makes consumers feel very preferential, in the actual process, the problem of "no refund of deposit" has also been widely criticized. In the pre-sale, it means that the advance deposit of the consumer can be used as XX Yuan, and the preferential part (XX certain amount) will be deducted when the consumer pays the balance.

Examples of deposit inflation

The total pre-sale price of goods is 1000 yuan, of which the deposit is 100 yuan. If the merchant sets up to pay the deposit of 100 yuan, it can be offset by 150 yuan, that is, another 50 yuan discount for the goods. After the discount, the price of the goods is 950 yuan. The 50 yuan discount of deposit expansion is deducted from the balance paid by consumers, that is, the balance actually paid = 1000 yuan of pre-sale price - 100 yuan of deposit, and the 5 yuan discount of deposit expansion = 850 yuan.

After the price of double 11 pre-sale goods minus the deposit and deposit expansion amount, the buyer still needs to pay the corresponding amount of money as the product balance amount. If the buyer has paid the deposit, the calculation formula for the remaining amount of the pre-sale goods is' balance amount = pre-sale price - Deposit - deposit expansion preferential amount (if any) '

Conditions for the use of coupons

(a) Pre sale price - deposit expansion amount * & Ge; The threshold for the use of coupons;

(b) Balance amount * & gt; Coupon denomination.

Part of the pre-sale goods can support the corresponding expansion of the deposit, that is, after the buyer pays the deposit, he will enjoy the deduction rights and interests higher than the amount of the deposit. If there is a refund for the order that supports deposit expansion, the maximum refundable amount is the amount actually paid by the buyer.