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What are the use and opening methods of Alipay pocketbook?

What are the use and opening methods of Alipay pocketbook?

A small purse is a profitable electronic money pot, mainly used for parents to manage their daily pocket money, holiday red packets, and to develop children's financial intelligence, and products entrance is in Alipay App. What's the use of a small purse? Let's find out.

What's the use of a small purse?

1. To provide children with an independent, real amount of assets, and effectively enhance the children's awareness of money, management

2. Have income, enjoy the same wealth management income as yu'ebao

3. Parents can transfer in and withdraw the assets according to the actual situation, so as to better manage the children's pocket money and red envelope income.

How to use a small purse?

1. Opening conditions: the account has opened the yu'ebao service, and at least one child information needs to be created.

2. Account restriction: you can invite family members and add children. Each person can only invite 5 family members. Create up to three children at the same time. Other family members can't transfer in and withdraw the amount for the time being. They can only check and set the reasons for transfer in and withdrawal. Only the head of household (the person who opens a small purse) can transfer in and withdraw the amount.

Everyone can only create one family, and they can only join one family.

3. Payment method: only yu'ebao payment is supported

4. Limit: no more than 1000 yuan can be transferred into each child's pocket every day; A single transfer in cannot exceed 100 yuan. There is no limit on the number of times, and the maximum limit is 100000, which is not shared with yu'e Bao. However, if yu'e Bao already has 100000, the funds of small purse cannot be transferred out.

How to open a small purse?

Log on to Alipay, search for a wallet, open up and create child information, click on [immediately open], press the page prompt operation.


Single day transfer in limit rules of yu'ebao single account: the transfer in channels are not differentiated, and the main card and sub card (currently only small purse business) share 2W limit. The limit sharing problems involving small purse are as follows:

(1) For the problem of limited sharing of small purse, assuming that the current day has been transferred to yu'ebao 2W, can yu'ebao still be transferred to small purse( (yes)

(2) Suppose that we have transferred to yu'ebao 2W on that day, but the fund of yu'ebao is less than 10W, can we transfer the small purse to yu'ebao( Yes, but limited by the 10W quota of yu'ebao).