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Announcement time of 2018 postgraduate entrance examination results query entry

2018 postgraduate entrance examination results will be released on February 3. Many provinces have announced the release time of results, and candidates should pay attention to it. I hope candidates can get into the university they like and go further from their dreams.

1. How to query the results of the postgraduate entrance examination in 2018?

A: there are generally two ways to query the postgraduate entrance examination results: one is to log in to the graduate enrollment network of each university for online results query (free); the other is to make paid query by calling the voice call.

2. Is the 2018 postgraduate entrance examination report sent or printed online?

A: Generally speaking, no written report card will be sent to all universities for postgraduate entrance examination. The printed report card shall prevail.

3. Basic steps of online search?

Answer: first step, user login: log in as a candidate (user name: admission card number, registration number or name, ID card number: ID card number, candidate type select 'master'); second step, after login, please click the 'initial examination information' button in enrollment information, and click the 'initial examination result query' button in the information display page.

4. How to recheck the results of the postgraduate entrance examination in 2018?

A: a score of - 1 means absence from the exam and - 2 means violation of discipline. Candidates who have doubts about the results of the preliminary exam can apply for reexamination. Please pay attention to the online notice of each enrollment unit at any time for the specific time and requirements.

5. How to print the report card of 2018 postgraduate entrance examination results?

A: to print the report card, please print it horizontally on A4 paper. When printing, please set the top, bottom, left and right margins of 15 mm in file - 'page setup'. If you use a non IE browser, please adjust the margin between the top and bottom pages of the report card to one page.

6. How to query the score of postgraduate entrance examination if the examination permit is lost?

A: there are two options. I. go to the website of your application point, such as the recruitment and Examination Office of a province or a city, to see if there is any service to provide the examination point query. Log in according to the application number, and you can query. 2. Go to the website of the Graduate School of the enrollment unit to check the list of candidates. 3. Some schools support ID card number query, and scores can also be found.