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Which props can wechat jump to for bonus points? Wechat one jump bonus strategy

Recently, is it a mess for wechat apps to jump? Some of the levels can be scored, so do you know which props wechat apps can jump to? Let's take a look at it with small editors of

Wechat one hop plus block summary

1. You can add 2 points, 4 points, 6 points, 8 points, 10 points if you jump to the center point in a row... All the time, if you want to jump correctly!

2. Additional 5 points can be added for jumping to the well cover box to stay!

3. You can add 10 points if you stay on the cube!

4. Extra 15 points can be added for jumping on the Xu Jishiduo box!

5. Jump to the music box to stay and add 30 points!

Wechat jump game egg collection

In fact, the game tells a story about a person from small to large. If you don't believe it, look:

Game features:

1. The main interface of wechat 6.6.1 is pulled down, and the recently used small programs and games can be seen here in the pop-up menu.

2. In wechat's discovery tab and game menu, you can also see the small games you have played.

3. Search the name of the game directly on wechat, and you can directly see the friends you have joined and their achievements.

4. Users can join a small game to interact and form self communication through friend forwarding.

Wechat one jump high score introduction:

1. Continuous skip center point, which can be + 2, + 4, + 6, + 8 & hellip; & hellip;

2. Jump to the music box and stop for a while, and the music will be played, and 30 points will be added;

3. Jump to the convenience store and stop for a while. The convenience store will open, and an additional 15 points will be added;

4. Jump to the Rubik's cube and stop for a while, the Rubik's Cube will rotate and correct, and add 10 points;

5. Jump to the well cover for a while, there will be a flush sound, and 5 points will be added.

Wechat jump bonus item summary

Wechat jump is a very cute mobile phone puzzle game. Players need to update wechat to the latest version 6.6.1 to try this game!

You need to control your strength through the way of accumulating strength, so that the villain can keep moving forward, jumping from box to box, and sharing your achievements to your friends. It's full of fun!

Tool introduction:

1. When I was a child, I couldn't let go of the cube, almost one for each hand. You can add 10 points if you stop here!

2. If you step on the well cover that splashes water on the learning road, you can't avoid 'middle move' again. Jump here and stop. 5 points more!

3. Roll paper, a boy's memory, HMM. Jump over and grow up. The game jumps into reality!

4. Now, life is full of work. The first thing every day: press the alarm clock.

5. The sound of "Ding Dong" is as hurried as that of you when you go to and from the convenience store. Jump here and stop for 15 points!

6. Occasionally cutting hands makes people happy. When they grow up, they are happy and helpless. They skip many 'pits' and understand many reasons.

7. A-green and a-bai of wechat expression family can't knead and jump & hellip;

8. Rob wechat red envelopes, even a point is love.

9. Finally, there is a music box. If you jump to the music box and stop, you can add 30 points!

Wechat jump high score skills

At the beginning, it was easier to control the box because the distance between the boxes was better. When accumulating strength, you can first feel the relationship between the depression degree of the box and your villain's long jump distance. If it's like half of a box, it's still a long way to jump. If the box is too far away, you should always store your strength until you think it's enough! At the same time, jump to the middle and the edge of the box. The bonus points are different

1. 2 points will be added for jumping to the middle, 1 point will be added for other parts of the edge, and 4 points, 6 points, 8 points will be added when jumping to the center continuously in the back! This cumulative!

2. Jump to the music box and stop. 30 points will be added!

3. Jump to the store and stop. 15 points will be added!

4. Jump to the Rubik's cube and stop, add 10 points!

5. Jump to the well cover (black cover) and stop, add 5 points!