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Why can't you cut your head in the first month? What are the taboos of cutting hair during the Sprin

There are many customs and taboos during the Spring Festival in China. In the first month, you can't cut your hair. Do you know? Generally speaking, February 2 is the best time to cut your hair, but it's forbidden to cut your hair during the new year. It's considered to be an ominous sign. Let's go with the four seas net to see why?

Why can't you cut your hair in Spring Festival?

There are different opinions about whether you can cut your hair in Spring Festival. Some places think that they can't cut their hair during the Spring Festival, while others think that they should In areas where hair can't be cut during the Spring Festival, they let the boy's hair grow crazily in the first month of the Chinese calendar, but they can't infringe at all. Otherwise, they will shave their heads in the first month and die. '

Why can't I have my hair cut in the first month?

Then on February 2, when the Dragon raised his head, the boy had the freedom to shave his head. According to legend, there is a story that a poor barber loves his uncle very much. However, in the first month, the barber was worried about having no money to buy a decent gift for his uncle.

When the time came for the family reunion, the barber came to my uncle's house with a shaving pick and carefully shaved his uncle's head. When my uncle appeared at the banquet, all the relatives and friends praised the barber for his excellent skill and said that he looked young and energetic.

My uncle was very happy. He said it was the best gift for him to celebrate the new year. He also agreed to have his hair cut in the first month of each year to see if there was any new progress in his craft. Many years later, my uncle died.

Every January, the barber tears at the shaver. He is sad that he can't be filial to his uncle anymore.

"Customs" in Volume II of "Yexian Zhi" published in the 24th edition of the Republic of China reveals the mystery of Customs: "hearing the old talk of Zhuxiang, the imperial edict of shaving was implemented in the first month of Shunzhi four years ago. Once the system of Ming Dynasty changed, people thought about the old monarch because of shaving, so it was called" thinking about the old ";. For a long time, I mistakenly made & lsquo; uncle & rsquo;. '