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When does the Spring Festival 2018 train ticket pre-sale period start and end?

what is the pre-sale period of train tickets for the Spring Festival 2018? When will the spring festival start? From today on, the pre-sale period of train tickets has resumed, so you need to hurry up to buy tickets! According to the announcement on the website 12306 of China Railway Customer Service Center, from December 12, the pre-sale period of Internet and telephone tickets for major trunk passenger trains in China has resumed for 30 days.

Previously, tickets for December 26 and later were suspended. On November 29, 12306 website announced that only tickets on and before December 25 (train departure date) will be sold from November 27. Tickets for December 26 and later are planned to be available in early December, and the specific time will be announced through 12306 website and station.

For those who want to buy Spring Festival train tickets, it is necessary to know the pre-sale period of 2018 Spring Festival railway tickets in advance. Let's see the pre-sale schedule of 2018 Spring Festival railway tickets.

When is the pre-sale period of train tickets for Spring Festival 2018?

Before the Spring Festival, the number of people in the railway station is the most, and everyone is buying tickets home in advance. Let's take a look at the 2018 Spring Festival pre-sale schedule.

Pre-sale period of train tickets for Spring Festival 2018

(1) the pre-sale period of tickets for Internet, telephone and mobile clients is 60 days;

(2) the pre-sale period of stations, outlets and automatic ticket machines is 58 days;

Start and end time of Spring Festival 2018

It is preliminarily predicted that the demand for the Spring Festival transport in 2018 will still maintain a small growth, and the passenger volume of the National Spring Festival transport will reach 2.978 billion person times, an increase of 2.2% over the previous year.

It is worth noting that the Spring Festival in 2018 is 11 days ahead of the previous year, the earliest in the past five years. At the beginning of the Spring Festival, there will be holidays in Colleges and universities and migrant workers returning home. The flow of students and migrant workers will overlap each other. The peak of passenger flow will be early, long and high.

According to the previous announcement issued by China Railway Customer Service Center, due to the adjustment of train operation diagram, the pre-sale period of tickets after December 30, 2016 was adjusted from 60 days to 30 days.

According to this calculation, train tickets for the first day of Spring Festival 2018 can be bought on 15th of this month.

The time of Spring Festival is defined by the Spring Festival every year. 15 days before the Spring Festival and 25 days after the Spring Festival, the time of Spring Festival every year is about 40 days.

Start time of Spring Festival 2018: February 1, 2018

End time of Spring Festival 2018: March 12, 2018

Spring Festival transportation days in 2018: 40 days in total

Spring Festival 2018: from January 13 to February 21 (from December 16 to January 25 of the lunar calendar)

This short period is the Spring Festival stage, and it is also the most popular day to buy tickets. The so-called "one ticket is hard to get" appears in this stage.

The Spring Festival (first day of the Lunar New Year) is February 16. According to the calculation of 60 days of online pre-sale tickets, the earliest time to purchase Spring Festival train tickets through Internet and telephone is November 30 (Wednesday).

The earliest time to buy tickets on the day of Spring Festival (January 13) is November 15 (Tuesday).