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What is the birth of the drama elite? What's the meaning of "Jingjing"

What's the meaning of the birth of the playwright? What's the reason for the birth of the playwright? The birth of the playwright is a popular word on the Internet recently. Do you have a friend who automatically appends the playwright? Do you dislike people who exaggerate the truth of things and play for themselves?

What's the reason for the birth of "drama elite"

The term is a kind of black name for the inspirational variety show "the birth of actors" in the performance competition on the Internet. The program has been widely criticized since it was broadcast. The first issue of Zhang Ziyi and Liu Ye attracted countless conflicts for Zheng Shuang. The third issue actually did the same, cutting Wang Junkai's impromptu performance into a program preview that contradicted Zhang Ziyi... These topic hype is also an overwhelming occupation Microblog hot search, very will add drama to their own, very eye-catching, this pragmatic program but rely on this side of the hype frequency hot search, so that netizens call the program "the birth of drama elite.".

Where is the origin of "the birth of drama elite"

The above mentioned word comes from a kind of slang for the variety show "the birth of actors". After the first episode of the program, it was said once. The specific time is October 28, 2017.

Development experience of "the birth of drama elite"

When the program was first broadcast, the audience rating was not very high, but what was unexpected was that the content of the program quickly triggered discussion across the network, and the reading volume of the main topic of the same name broke through 300 million in 24 hours. The most important point of the whole program's contribution to the hot topics of self media and micro blog is' tearing apart '. The details mentioned above are far from being summarized. Next, we will comb the wonderful moments of the program's' drama elite':

1. In the first episode of the program, Zhang Ziyi and Liu Ye quarreled at the palace level. They clashed because of Zheng Shuang's acting skills, which was later expressed as a demonstration of acting skills for young people.

2. In the first episode of the program, 'Liu Yun lost control and cried to collapse on the spot'. In the program, Huang Lu's performance and Liu Yun's performance were recognized by the tutor. However, some tutors thought that some segments in the performance were different from the film, and there was also the problem of inconsistent performance. After hearing the comments from his tutor, Liu Yun's mood fluctuated and shed tears at the scene, pointing out that Huang Lu missed a performance directly on the stage, but Huang Lu said he did not remember it.

3. In the second episode of the program 'Song Dandan's public apology', actor Shu Chang and Xin Zhilei dueled. Song Dandan voted for Shu Chang on the spot, and then apologized to Xin Zhilei on Weibo. The specific content of the Weibo is: 'the distance from the scene is too far, the details are not clear, and it's easy to be taken away by the plot to watch it on home TV. Xin Zhilei's performance is very good. I'm sorry! @ Xin Sheng Zhi Lei, the actor's birth, is really more than the drama on the stage.

4. In the third program, 'Wang Junkai contradicts Zhang Ziyi', the program first released a wave of the third program notice, which shows the fierce conflict between the two people. Then 'Wang Junkai contradicts Zhang Ziyi' to dominate the microblog search. After the program was broadcast, he learned that the original so-called 'conflict' was just cutting out the content of the two people's impromptu performance, deliberately making words Question.

5. In the third program, 'Zheng Hao was criticized as a bully', Zheng Hao, an old actor, and Ouyang Nana, a young actor, fought each other. Ouyang Nana got two votes from her tutors Song Dandan and Liu Ye. Zhang Ziyi, a tutor, said that both of them were not good enough to abandon their votes, and Ouyang Nana won the final program. The on-site boss group commented that Zheng Hao called him a "drama bully" and constantly revised the script to highlight his own plays. Unsurprisingly, the result has once again sparked a spat of words online.

6. 'Liu yesecs delete', Liu yesecs delete Weibo personally ended up hating the birth of the actor: second force program, suspected dissatisfaction with the program editing deliberately created contradictions, and cut off the part he seriously commented on. As Liu Ye said: 'after all, variety shows'.

Events related to the birth of "drama elite"

Although the program was criticized, Zhang Ziyi was surrounded by countless fans, including Zhang Ziyi's anger when she saw Zheng Shuang, Zhang Ziyi's indifference when she saw Ouyang Nana, and Zhang Ziyi's expression bag when she saw Zhou Yiwei's Huachi Sanlian began to become popular on the Internet, which was called by netizens' what you are, what you look like '.