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Why doesn't Laba garlic turn green? What is the reason why Laba garlic keeps green?

A few days ago, many people began to prepare Laba garlic, so you know what Laba garlic is not green? The following small edition will analyze the reasons for Laba garlic is not green in detail for you. Is it very pleasant to eat dumplings and Laba garlic over and over again during the new year?

How does Laba garlic turn green quickly? When it comes to Laba garlic, many people can't help asking: 'why is Laba garlic green in general?' the production process of Laba garlic doesn't see sunlight, and the green produced is not chlorophyll, but garlic green element.

There are two conditions to pickle Laba garlic. One is to use low-temperature stored garlic (no requirement for varieties). Only low temperature can activate the dormant allinase. Laba garlic should be pickled in winter, mainly because garlic at this time is mostly stored in low temperature, and alliinase is activated. Another condition is to have vinegar, in enough acid conditions will promote garlic green.

However, pickled sweet garlic did not meet these two requirements at the same time, so sweet garlic is not green. Method: wash garlic and put it into a clean container. Pour rice vinegar into the container. Do not exceed garlic. Seal the container, put it in the environment of 15 ℃ - 20 ℃, and wait until the garlic turns green.

The best choice for garlic is braided garlic, which is easy to be green without special treatment. The key to the green of Laba garlic is this garlic. Do not buy tightly wrapped and white coated garlic. In order to extend the shelf life, those garlic have done radiation treatment before entering the market. It is difficult for this garlic to be green or even not. We have to choose the coat is loose, feel the garlic sprouting quickly, it will be green in a few days.

The secret of making Laba garlic turn green quickly is to increase the temperature difference, take it out in the daytime to bask in the sun, put it in the refrigerator at night to refrigerate, it is said that it will turn green in about 3-4 days. However, turning green doesn't mean that Laba garlic has been soaked. It's recommended that you soak it patiently for more than two weeks, so as to make Laba garlic taste better.

Another way to make Laba garlic turn green quickly is to add rice vinegar and a large piece of ice sugar into the pot, boil it and cool it, then put in garlic bubble, and refrigerate it to turn green quickly.

Laba garlic is not green is how to return a responsibility It can be seen from the above that why some people's Pickled Laba garlic is not green, this is because the pickled garlic does not meet the low temperature conditions required for Laba garlic to turn green, because only the stored garlic can be so changed after low temperature treatment (not to say, it needs low temperature when soaking). New garlic and garlic stored in high temperature will not change color.

Therefore, there is a solid scientific basis for making Laba garlic on Laba Festival. At this time, the garlic should be frozen.

However, most garlic is stored in cold storage now, so it's easier to make it green.

Materials of Laba garlic: garlic, rice vinegar.


1. Peel the garlic.

2. Take out a clove of garlic and have a look. Each clove has a root. It mainly absorbs vinegar through the root. Then the garlic reacts with vinegar and turns green.

3. Use a knife to cut part of the root of the garlic clove and expose the core inside, so that the vinegar can be immersed into the garlic clove faster.

4. Finish all the roots of garlic in turn.

5. Find a glass bottle, wash it and dry it.

6. Put in all the garlic cloves. The bottle is too big, and it seems that there are few garlic cloves.

7. Pour in the rice vinegar and submerge the garlic cloves.

8. Make sure to stack several layers of fresh film or fresh-keeping bag and put it on the bottle mouth, so that the bottle can be better sealed when the lid is closed.

9. Fasten the cover.

10. Put the heating on. In two days, you can eat the crispy and delicious Laba garlic.