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Do children under one meter five need to buy a ticket for the train? The latest regulations for trai

Spring Festival is a day of family reunion, so many parents will bring their children back to their hometown for the Spring Festival, so do you know the regulations on train children's tickets? Today's editor will show you the latest regulations on train children's tickets in 2018, and don't make trouble in Wulong!

The child is 12 years old and over 1.5 meters tall. When taking the train, you must buy a full ticket. However, when she ordered tickets for her children on 12306 official website, the system defaulted to half price tickets for children's ID card, instead of buying full price tickets. Ms. Peng and her child were on the high-speed railway. At that time, the ticket inspector took a list, checked whether each child was over the height, and then went through the ticket replacement formalities for them on the train. Still, Ms. Peng hopes to buy full price tickets directly for super high children, so as to save unnecessary troubles.

In response to the confusion of the two parents, the reporter consulted the 12306 railway customer service center hotline. According to the staff, an adult passenger can carry a child under 12 years old on the bus free of charge. If the height of the child is between 1.2m and 1.5m, a child ticket must be purchased. If the height is more than 1.5m, a full price ticket must be purchased.

What is the standard of train ticket for children? How to buy train ticket for children

The standard of train ticket for children 2018 is: the carrier generally does not accept children to travel alone. There are standard lines for measuring children's height at the ticket window, check-in entrance, exit and train end door of the station. When measuring the height of children, the actual height of children (taking off shoes) shall prevail. If the height of the child is less than 1.2m, the ticket is free.

If the height of a child is 1.2-1.5m, a child ticket must be purchased; if the height is more than 1.5m, a full price ticket must be purchased. Children who travel with adults with a height of 1.2-1.5m enjoy half price tickets, speed tickets and air-conditioned tickets (referred to as children's tickets). Full price ticket shall be purchased when it exceeds 1.5m. Each adult passenger can bring a child less than 1.2m in height free of charge. If there is more than one, the number exceeding shall buy a children's ticket.

When buying children's train tickets, parents can first understand the standards for children's train tickets and buy tickets according to the standards for children's train tickets.

How to buy children's tickets on 12306? What should I pay attention to when I buy children's tickets? The following is a detailed answer for parents and friends. I hope it can help you.

First, make sure your child's height. Children less than 1.2m in height can take the bus free of charge (a parent can only take one child). Children between 1.2m and 1.5m in height need to buy children's tickets, which are 50% of adult tickets.

② if you want to buy children's train tickets on 12306 website, you need to buy adult tickets at the same time, because according to the regulations, children can't travel alone. The seat type of children's ticket shall be the same as that of adult ticket, and the arrival station shall not be far from that of accompanying adult.

③ when the free children use the sleeper alone, they should buy the full price sleeper ticket, and when there is air conditioner, they should also buy the half price air conditioner ticket. Children don't have ID cards. They can buy tickets on 12306 official website with adults' ID cards.