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What are the early symptoms of Jin Yubin's inability to enlist in NPC?

Some netizens who like Korean stars must know that every citizen in Korea should perform military service, and stars are no exception. If we evade military service, we will face severe punishment. But recently Jin Yubin can't join the army because of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, so what are the early symptoms of nasopharyngeal carcinoma?

Relevant people said today: 'Jin received a notice of enlistment in the fight against cancer' and 'was examined again after that, and was judged unable to join the army in November last year'. A close friend of Jin Yubin said: 'the most important thing for him now is to recover as soon as possible. So in May last year, I stopped all activities and focused on treatment. We will do our best to recover. "Come on, Europa!

What are the early symptoms of NPC?

Runny blood: runny blood is the early symptom of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, which is manifested as the blood in the runny nose, or as the blood in the runny nose sucked out from the mouth, also known as the blood in the aspirated sputum. Runny blood often occurs after getting up in the morning. When the amount of runny blood is not much, it is often neglected by patients, mistaken for rhinitis or sinusitis, or treated as hemoptysis to see a doctor.

Nasal obstruction: nasal obstruction is another early manifestation of NPC. Most of them showed unilateral nasal obstruction. When the tumor of nasopharynx increases, bilateral nasal obstruction may occur.

Tinnitus and hearing loss: tinnitus, ear congestion and hearing loss are also early signals of NPC. This symptom is due to the new biological blockage of the ostium of the tympanic tube on the affected side of NPC. Hearing loss may also be caused by the deterioration of the hearing nerve in NPC. Tinnitus and hearing loss are often misdiagnosed as otitis media or other diseases, resulting in delayed treatment.

Headache: when nasopharynx cancer is first diagnosed, about 70% of patients have headache symptoms. The headache symptoms of NPC are usually migraine, pain in the back of occipital or neck. Most of the headache of NPC is related to the invasion of skull base bone, nerves and blood vessels by cancer tissue.

Cervical lymphadenopathy: many patients with NPC often touch the 'lump' on their neck unintentionally and seek medical treatment. This' lump 'is actually an enlarged lymph node. The cervical lymph nodes of NPC patients are often misdiagnosed as inflammation. For the neck masses without shrinking or even increasing rapidly after anti-inflammatory treatment, especially the ones with hard texture, poor mobility and multiple converging masses without pain, timely treatment is needed.

Early stage of nasal cancer is manifested in the way of rhinitis, nasal polyps and other minor diseases. It is not easy to attract people's attention, and it is difficult to be found. Many people feel that they are suffering from nasal cancer when they do not go for detailed examination at the right time. So the friends who have some minor nose problems on weekdays must have regular checks and don't neglect them. At the same time, we should strengthen our own physical exercise. Diet plays an important role in life, and all kinds of diseases in diet should also be paid attention to.