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How to ventilate the toilet without windows

How to ventilate the toilet without windows

In the design of some houses, the bathroom is not equipped with windows, which makes many people worry about the problem of ventilation. How to ventilate the bathroom without windows? Here are some ways to teach you.

How to ventilate the bathroom without windows

If the toilet does not have good ventilation, it is easy to become damp, thus breeding bacteria. There are three suggestions for you to make your own windows, even if you don't have good ventilation

Reform and open windows

Can be very direct to solve the problem, fundamentally eliminate the difficulty of toilet ventilation. But this method needs to pay attention not to damage the load-bearing structure of the house, but also to choose according to the orientation, so it is more difficult.

Be a Yuba

Use Yuba to exhaust air. Now the integrated Yuba ceiling also has this function. Many famous brands have this design consideration, such as OPP, cherry blossom, attic and so on. The disadvantage is that the exhaust of Yuba is not the main function, and the efficiency is low.

Install the exhaust fan

At present, there are three types of domestic exhaust fans on the market: ceiling type, wall mounted type and window type. They are ceiling exhaust fan, wall mounted exhaust fan and window exhaust fan. Each of the three exhaust fans has its own advantages.

Changing pattern

Sometimes the toilet without windows can make some small changes in the pattern design, such as the toilet in the bedroom, because there are no windows and the space is relatively small, so the design of the toilet can choose the open design pattern, open a wall, and design it into a glass open space, which not only appears more bright visually, but also can solve the problem Solve the problem of daylighting.

Waterproof well

If you do not want to change the pattern of itself, then waterproof is also a very key point. Waterproof toilet design, even if there is no ventilation in the wet toilet, it will not affect the environment of the whole toilet.