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What should be noticed in running? What should be noticed in running

Running is an environmentally friendly and economical outdoor sport. Many people feel that they can run without any special learning skills. In fact, it's not. Today, I'd like to talk about what we should pay attention to in running. Let's get to know!

Why do some people tend to get fat? The reason is that they don't exercise enough and their muscle strength drops. The fat that goes with each other is accumulated recklessly. Generally speaking, running is an aerobic exercise (running speed will affect the heart rate, but generally speaking, it is considered that the heart rate of running should be controlled within the aerobic heart rate range). Through running, we can improve muscle strength, make the muscle mass properly return to the normal level, and mention the basic metabolism in the body, accelerate the burning of fat, and develop lean constitution.

Running can not only burn fat, if the posture is correct, it can also beautify the body and shape, especially make the sagging hips become round and warped, and swing the arms when running can exercise the muscles around the chest, even if it is thin, it can also become forward and backward. In addition, to develop the habit of running, can improve the hormone secretion in the body, so that your skin straighten, the body becomes younger and tighter.

Running outdoors and breathing fresh air can relieve the pressure of work and Study on weekdays and relax yourself physically and mentally. Second, it can activate the brain and internal organs, and make the body full of vitality. When you feel comfortable all the time, you will be able to face all the weight loss challenges and become more energetic!

When running, you must pay attention to control your breathing rhythm, so that you won't feel uncomfortable in your lungs when running. At the same time, you must choose your more suitable shoes, otherwise it's easy to scratch your feet, leading to long blisters on your feet, which will affect your exercise.